22 November 2018

Pretty Little Thing Make up?! Worth it?!

Have you seen prettier package on make up before? When I saw PLT started doing make up, my jaw DROPPED.

The lovely guys over at PLT kindly sent me some of their newly launched make up for me to try, and here I am trying some make up to let you know what's what! Just to let you know, I think this brand has HUGE potential, and can't wait to see PLT Beauty's new releases in the future!

Here are the 4 items I wanted to try:
- PLT Rodeo Drive Eyeshadow Palette £10
- PLT Know Your Angles Contour Powder Palette £10
- PLT Brighter Than Your Future Highlighter Palette £10
- PLT Dark Brow Gel £4 

So I'm gonna run through my review of each of these products of when I did a full face of make up with them!

PLT Rodeo Drive Eyeshadow Palette

When I saw this on the PLT site, it caught my eye so much. I absolutely loved the shades in this palette, and was able to imagine so many looks I could create with it.

I was really happy with the mattes in this palette, they blended out really really nicely! I absolutely loved the matte pink shade, it reminds me of the pink that PLT are known for & the outer packaging PLT beauty uses. For them to create a shade for your eyes in that colour - STUN.

The shimmers are best applied with a wet brush, but once they have been applied with a wet brush, they look amazing. The gold shimmer is my fave!

12 shades for £10 - you can't go wrong!

Here are some swatches. I really like the shades they picked for this palette! I'm really sad I didn't pick up Sunset Boulevard palette, which are different shades but just as pretty! I've linked it here!

Know Your Angles Contour Palette

I underestimated the pigment on this one for SURE.  

Firstly, it comes with two powders; one white powder and a yellow powder for setting and highlighting your under eye. These were really nice, the white powder didn't create any flashback at all, whilst the yellow powder did a really great job at brightening my under eye. 

I tapped into the contour shade on the top row with my usual contour brush a few times, and applied. There was SO much pigment, I was so amazed. But then, when I tried to blend it, it blended out perfectly. Since then, I've been using this contour palette nearly every day! 

I really like how there's a mixture of lighter to darker contour shades, as well as cooler and warm toned shades. 

If you're looking to learn how to contour, and want to experiment with different shades, this palette is perfect, it blends out so easily! 

Brighter Than Your Future Highlighter Palette 

Again, this palette is such a great, affordable palette - perfect for experimenting with different highlight shades and even more so for a beginner! 

My fave shade is the pink highlight in the middle on the top row - it's GORGEOUS.

I love how there's enough shades in this palette to bronze, highlight your inner corner and brow bone, your cheeks & wherever else you might want to glow. 

10/10 recommend!

PLT Dark Brow Gel

So, you can't really go wrong with brow gels, that's why I LOVE picking up really affordable ones. This doesn't disappoint. 

As well as being only £4, it does the job! It provides enough tint to my brows that I apply after shading in my eyebrows, and then sets my brows all day. 

I love the wand on this, it's not too big where it gets messy, and not too small that it takes hours for you to do your brows! 

Here are some pictures of the 'full face of PLT beauty' I used. As you can tell, I was having a bad skin day. I could have filtered my acne away, but I like to live the #nofilterlife. lolz (AND SO SHOULD YOU!). 

Overall, I'm absolutely living for PLT beauty. This brand is great for people starting out with make up and for those who want to start exploring with make up and colour - it's so affordable so it won't break the bank and the pigment is there so you can't go wrong!

Let me know if you have any other questions, and if you have tried any of the products! <3

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