Hi loves! I thought I'd write a little piece on some new Too Faced samples! I was gifted these items by Wizard Publicity, but of course, all opinions are my own!
I've been a huge Too Faced fan for the longest time & have a huge collection of Too Faced products (let me know if you want me to show you my whole Too Faced collection!)

I'm going to give a mini review for each new product, and let you know how I got on in the past few days of trying these new items out!

I'll start with the classic Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara! I can't believe I haven't tried this yet. I've always wanted to, it's just one of them things where I've NEVER run out of mascara to actually need to go buy a new one. This makes your lashes so unbelievably feathery and wispy, and doesn't clog all your lashes up together at allllll. 

The main thing for a mascara for me is that it doesn't transfer onto my undereye. I have tried SO many mascaras before, but usually most of them transfer. It's just a thing with my face! This mascara does not transfer even after about 11 hours of wear, and also doesn't flake off. I'm obsessed! 

& to accompany the mascara, I have liner. Those who know me, know I absolutely can't stand my eyes with a winged liner. It just doesn't go with my small eyes! I have however, started smoking out my eyes a little bit more than usual & this is just the babe to do it with. It's SO precise, and something I hate about eyeliner is how chunky it can turn out looking, which doesn't suit my eyes. This can be as thin or as thick as you want it, and I love an eyeliner that does that. 

What's better than a bronzer that smells like chocolate? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at ALL.  Not only has the Too Faced Chocolate Matte bronzer got such a lovely formula, it smells delicious too! I've been using this for the past few days, and the shade is so lovely for my skin tone but I also think it will suit a broad range of skin tones, just not very deep ones! 

The formula is really nice, it blends out perfectly and stays put all day long!

& I've left my fave thing till last. The Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1. I haven't really ever used a product that's a primer and setting spray all in 1 before! It's pretty innovative really! I used this to test out each one: 
- as a primer 
- as a setting spray 
- as a refreshing spray 

I loved it the most as a setting spray, but it's really nice to spray on as a primer too! Special shout out for the spray cap nozzle thing - it disperses the product evenly which is something I look for in a setting spray product! 

If you have any other questions about these products/any other Too Faced products, let me know! xx

10 September 2019

Too Faced Staples!

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