So these are a few of my favourites for February! 
Defrizz by Bumble and Bumble has been real good. It does what it says, and makes my hair less frizzy. I first thought it would make my hair slightly greasy, but it doesn't, yaay. 
The nude tube at the top of the picture is the Diorskin nude concealer which I rediscovered this month. I use it under my eyes and the shade I have is 002 Nude. It's one of the best concealers I own. 
The Bobbi Brown foundation stick in 'Almond' is so great for contouring. It's the first cream contour product I have ever purchased and I love it! :) 
The Maybelline Baby Skin is also my new fave. I've used so many primers in my life and I initially thought silicone primers weren't good for my oily skin. This makes my foundation stay on longer than some primers that I've used before, and definitely controls my shine, as much as possible. 
Benefit's 'Girl Meets Pearl' was one of the first ever make up products I ever purchased (obviously not the one I own now). I didn't realise when I first bought it that it was even a highlighter. The lady told me I could put it under my foundation, or over, and the sound of putting a cream product over my foundation was beyond me! But now I've realised what I use it for, I love it as an everyday type of highlighter. 

I had been putting off getting a graze box for ages! But I'm so happy I finally did it. I always used to go on the site and back out, and now I don't want to cancel my subscription. They're so convenient and affordable, and I'm in love with the brownies, flapjacks and the sticky toffee pudding! So yum! 
Click here to get a free box, or use the code 'MEHREE6CP'! 

And finally.. 

My new babies! How beautiful are they?! They're called the 'So Kate Booty' and I'm in love with them. I love me some Louboutins. 

28 February 2014

February Favourites!

After what seems like forever, I am finally content with my skin. I did suffer from acne, and one thing I learnt for my skin care routine is; keep it as simple as possible

So this is what I use. My acne started from a few spots that I thought were bad, which made me spend about £300 on skin care products (from one place, which I will not name, but if prompted I will), but it did nothing but give me full blown acne. 

In the morning, I use Dark Angels by Lush, and have noticed that it actually keeps my oil under control throughout the day, compared to when I don't use it. And that's all I use. 

As soon as I come home, my make-up is instantly off. I use The Body Shop's Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make Up Remover for the lips and eyes, which does the job. However, I do want to venture out on a new eye make up remover, any suggestions? 

I then use Brasivol Fine paste, to take off my make up which works so well. It does say it's suitable for use in acne, and even though I don't have acne anymore, I feel like it still works really well. You do have to buy this from a pharmacy, but I was also recommended Cetaphil cleanser as it's more or less the same. 

Straight after this, I use Hydraluron Moisture Booster, which I use as a moisturiser, even though you aren't meant to. For some reason, moisturisers don't agree with me, or maybe I haven't come across the one for me. Sigh. 

Just before I get into bed, I apply Vitamin E Hydrating Toner from The Body Shop which I really love. Under my eyes, I use Map-15 regenerator, which is SO pricey! It's £71.40, and it's a yellow powder, that sinks into the skin as soon as you apply it. It's used for signs of ageing, but I use it to brighten my under eye area. Then of course, I use my baby lips (or EOS)! 

And things I do occasionally:  

The Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing system. I use this twice a week, and yes, I bought it because I was too scared to spend on a Clarisonic, just in case it doesn't work for me.  This was £40, more affordable, and so far, it's working for me. Makes me feel squeaky clean! (But I really want the new Clarisonic Aria, eek). 

This strange thing is called a Dermaroller. They're small, scary needles that you roll on your face, so your skin is regenerated, to get rid of acne scars and holes that my acne had left. The size of the needles are 0.5mm but you can get bigger. I only use this once every 2 weeks, and make sure it's sterilised properly EVERY time I use it. I got mine from amazon, but do not use this with active spots, or acne.

Bye :)  

22 February 2014

My Skincare Routine.

Hi! I was so excited to write this post, as it was the coolest thing, but as I planned my week one Sunday evening, I never realised that the week ahead of me would be the most heartbreaking and hectic week I had ever experienced. 
One very boring Sunday morning, I was really annoyed that I was pulled out of my bed to go to work. While rushing to Starbucks to overdose on caffeine, I was stopped by a lady in a Maybelline T-shirt who asked me if I wanted to try out the new 'Big Eyes' mascara. At first, I politely said no, and it didn't register in my head that she said you get £75 worth of beauty products after trying it. 
I walked away but another lady asked me, by this time, I finally understood that I will be receiving £75 worth of beauty products, if I let them take a picture of the new mascara on me, for advertising. So I did it! I love Maybelline products, so I could not believe my luck! 
I had to remove my eye make-up, and apply the mascara on one eye, comparing it to my other eye with no mascara on. And I was given a whole bag of products! 
Most of the products are things I would love to purchase, or was planning to purchase, so this was extremely exciting. 

I got: 
- Superstay Better skin foundation in the colour 'Nude'. This is the fifth darkest shade in the 8 colours they do. 
- 2 Baby Lips (yay, love them) in Peach Kiss, and Pink Punch. 
- 2 Big Eyes Eye Shadow set in Luminous Brown and Luminous Blue. I've just about got into wearing eyeshadow, and the colours are so pretty. I love how the middle of the colours has a primer for the lid. 
- 'Big eyes' Mascara. 
- Colour Sensational Vivids Lipstick in 902, Fushia Flash. 
- Colour Sensational Lipstick in 740, Coffee Crazy. This is a new shade in their nude collection. 
- Superstay 14hour Lipstick in 510, Nonstop Red. 
- 3 Colour Show Nail Polishes in Cool Touch, Rosy Rosettes and Orange Attack. 

I hadn't ever heard of the Superstay 14hour Lipstick before, and when I saw the packaging, I thought it was a lipgloss, so it was very surprising to see that it was a lipstick. It will be really interesting to see if this lipstick does last 14 hours! 

And finally, I decided to take a picture myself of what Maybelline took a picture of (except theirs was definitely more professional), and show the difference of one eye with the Big Eyes Mascara on, and one eye without: 

Yep! My eye does look bigger! In this picture I'm wearing the Superstay lipstick (which I didn't wear for 14 hours, and ate and drank a lot) and the Luminous Brown Eyeshadow set, Maybelline overdose! x 

14 February 2014

My Maybelline Luck.

Hi! I was nominated for the Liebster award by Roshelle & Alyssa. So exciting haha. 
The Liebster Award is an initiative designed to promote new and/or small blogs.

How does it work? 

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they asked you with their nomination.

2. You must pick 11 nominees and tell them that they've been nominated. You cannot pick the person who nominated you.

3. You must ask your nominees the 11 questions
 of your choice.

My answers to Roshelle & Alyssa's question 
  1. What is your favourite part about running a blog? I like how I have a hobby now, meaning I don't spend my life studying, and how I look forward to writing about things. 
  2. What is a quote you live by? Everything happens for a reason.. because it does. 
  3. Quick, you have 5 minutes. Which makeup products do you reach for? Easy, I do my makeup in 5 minutes for work, so my smashbox BB cream, any blusher that I can get hold of, and then I reach for my mascara, powder & lipstick to put in my bag so I can do it underground/in the car. 
  4. Out of all the makeup categories (i.e- foundation, blush, lip stick) which is your favourite? I think it would be lipstick, I love a good lipstick. 
  5. What is your favourite store? Depends, but I think I'd have to choose Selfridges, because I sort of spend my life there. 
  6. You're at Sephora, what section do you go to first? There's no Sephora in London :( But if I thought of a big make-up store in London (I actually can't think of  anything as amazing as Sephora) it would be.. the makeup forever stand? lol.
  7. What is your favourite makeup/beauty trend for the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer? For Fall/Autumn and Winter, I love a dark lip. I've been doing that for years. I also love glittery nails in the Winter. For Spring and Summer, I love pink lips! 
  8. Which celebrities do you look for inspiration in for fashion/beauty? If you know me, you know I love Taylor Swift, I think her makeup is so cute, but I don't think I really use her for inspiration, I like to be myself haha. 
  9. What's one thing you hope you'll learn from having a blog? Ermmm, I didn't really make a blog to learn anything, but I guess.. to be a better writer? 
  10.  What advice would you give to someone who just started a blog? The same advice my <3 gave me - only blog about something if you enjoy blogging about it. 
  11. What are your 5 tips to keeping your blog successful? I haven't been blogging a lot yet, so I'm not sure if my blog is successful and I'm in a place to give tips, but; 1. Same as above, blog because you enjoy it. 2. Be sociable. 3...That's all I can think of. Sorry! 
The 11 people I chose!

My questions to you: 

1. What's your favourite skin care product?
2. If you could be any celebrity for the day, who would it be?
3. What's the best present you've received?
4. What's your favourite designer?
5. If you could choose one make up company to work with, who would it be?
6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
7. What's your favourite online shopping website?
8. What book have you read recently, and enjoyed?
9. How did you think of your blog name?
10. Tea or coffee?
11. What's your favourite beauty product at the moment?


2 February 2014

Leibster Award!

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