I wore this dress to an event on Easter Sunday and an unimaginable amount of people have asked where I got this from. So here's the deets. 

This suit has a pure silk skirt with pearls attached. The material can be seen better in the picture above :) The top has cute embroidered flowers on the bottom left and top right of the top. 

 I purchased this online from a brand based in Pakistan called threads & motifs. Originally, it came with no sleeves, however I thought it would look better with sleeves. The top was also cropped so the tummy shows, but I asked for them to make the top a few inches longer. :) The quality of this suit is really lovely! My clutch is from Chanel. :) 

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30 March 2016

Asian Easter


For a while, Charlotte Tilbury make up has become my new obsession. So here's small reviews of the  few items I own, which may help if CT is new to you. :) 

We'll start with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, AKA the best foundation I have ever used. Every time a friend asks me what foundation they should buy, I go on and on and write them a 20 page essay of how they need the magic foundation in their life. I use the shade medium 7. It's advertised as quite a heavy duty, high coverage foundation, however I find I don't need much coverage lately, and using a small amount of this makes my skin look amazing! 

15 March 2016

Charlotte Tilbury buy's.

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