26 November 2018

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Review!

I am so so late to the game with this Jeffree Star purchase! I did a poll and a lot of you were interested in me still reviewing this product. I managed to pick up for £27.99 on Beauty Bay whilst they had a 30% off Black Friday sale! 

I just so desperately wanted to try a Jeffree Star palette but honestly, none of the colour schemes of any of the palettes were my usual thing. I guess this is a good thing, as I seem to buy palettes that are very similar, pinks, neutrals & warm tones! These palettes are really unique in terms of their colour schemes.

I was choosing between the Beauty Killer & Androgyny palette as my first JS purchase, and decided on the Beauty Killer as the shades were more 'me'. I do really want to try the Androgyny palette, as I really like many of the shades in them, just not the blues and green as I wouldn't use them!

I love how the outer packaging is bright pink, and the inner packaging is baby pink - they're so aesthetically pleasing!

My initial impressions when I looked at this palette is - what the hell do I do with it? There are so many different shades, that if you don't have a particular look to create - it can get a bit overwhelming! I decided to just play around with all the shades in the end!

The swatches on an unwaxed arm - lololol. They swatch pretty nicely!

But here's my review!

The shades have A LOT of fallout - if you're someone who doesn't like fallout, you won't like this. For me, it's nothing I can't handle - especially as I know more fall out USUALLY means more pigment.
One thing I really would have LOVED from this palette, was an inner corner/brow bone highlight. That's really important to me in a palette.
I am OBSESSED with the pan size in this palette - it's super generous.
I applied china white as my base shade - that is great base shade, and then went in and applied Courtney in the crease. That seems to be the only 'traditional' transition shade available in this palette! At first, I was pretty disappointed as it wasn't showing up on my skin colour - it is very similar to my skin.. but after a few layers, it built up BEAUTIFULLY and actually showed up! I was really impressed at how it built up and blended out really seamlessly - even though it took a few applications.
My favourite shade out of this palette? UM BLACK RAINBOW. pls I have never seen a black so beautifully, and am desperately waiting to apply this ALL OVER MY LIDS. It's not your regular black with glitter, it has RAINBOW GLITTER IN IT. RAINBOW GLITTER. I would buy this palette again and again for this shade!
One shade I was really really unimpressed in was Vanity. Looks like your usual brown matte shade, but this shade was unbelievably patchy :( I tried multiple brushes and I tried multiple applications, but it was really horrible. It even felt slightly different to the other mattes in this palettes - it felt sort of rough, and not as buttery and smooth as other shades! Even in the swatches above, you can sort of see how patchy it is.
Star power is a really lovely bright pink shade, but again requires a lot of work to make it look less patchy.
The shimmers - they weren't as shimmery as I wanted them to be! But I know Jeffree has changed the formula in newer palettes, so I assume this is something that I will have to pick up for reviewing purposes! I'll investigate to see if the formula has changed in newer packages!
For my final look, I actually did end up picking up a Colourpop Super Shock shadow to make my look more shimmery and glittery! The shimmers in the Beauty Killer palette are probably the only shimmers I've used in a long time that don't apply well with your finger. My go to application for shimmers has always been with my fingers, but this just didn't work with this palette - and it's actually better to apply with a flat, wet brush!

Woah. I didn't know I was so opinionated about this palette - ha. Overall, did I need this palette? No. Am I glad I purchased it? Yes - for £27.99 this was pretty good. I don't think I would have been impressed paying the full £40 though as I can think of better palettes. It's also made me want to review other palettes to see if his fomula's have progressed with his newer palettes! 
It's a pretty versatile palette, and I absolutely can't wait for a social life so I can apply black rainbow ALL OVER MY LIDS.

Let me know if you want to try another palette of Jeffree Star. I can do that I guess...

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