If you've known me for a while, ABH has been a fave of mine from the very beginning of my make up collection! Now, about 5 years on, I have managed to build quite the collection of ABH products and thought I'd share my fave bits from ABH.

This is not my whole collection, but it's a fair amount. I may do a full collection video on my Youtube (soon) so let me know if that's something you'd like to see!
Recently, ABH PR company in London, Purple PR sent me some products I've never tried before! I've added a * onto the ones that were gifted.

This is the only Blush Trio* I own by ABH. It's beautiful! I love the different selection of blushes, and when I visited the counter with Purple PR, the lovely lady guiding me through some products explained how you can mix all three blushes together. Simple me, wouldn't even think about doing that! lol.

I've also been LOVING this ABH Bronzer* in the shade Rich Amber - they have loads of different shades, so have a look at the shades dependent on your skin type! I love this on top of my cream contour to define my cheekbones a little bit more! :)

So I purchased the ABH Eye primer when it first released. I picked up the travel size version instead of the full size in case I didn't like it. But honestly, it's my fave primer to use ESPECIALLY when I'm going all out with colour. It sets your eyelid nicely, and then you can pack so much colour onto the nice nude base!

I've used the ABH Brow Pomade since the beginning of my make up days, it truly is a staple in my collection! I was using the shade Chocolate, but the lovely lady at the counter matched me with Ebony* instead! I also use the Brow Definer, which I forgot to picture!

I have quite a few ABH glow kits, but my all time fave at the moment is the Dream glow kit. I actually don't think they sell it anymore, but thought I'd add it here anyway lol.

Wow, I love this. First of all the packaging is the most beautiful thing ever, and then a setting spray from ABH was just what I was missing! The Dewy Set* gives such a lovely healthy glow!

Sorry the holographicness of this made it so hard to picture. I got two loose glitters* from ABH to try, and wish I tried them sooner. There are 3 shades currently & I own Sunset Aura & Snowflake. NEED to get my hands on 'So Hollywood' which is an original shade from ABH.

This Matte Lipstick Set* makes for such a CUTE present. It features 4 travel sized lipsticks & all really nice shades of nudes! Even if not for a present, keep it for yourself haha!

I have two absolute fave lip glosses from ABH. Moon Jelly is probably my fave lipgloss in my collection, out of every lip gloss I own. Then, Vintage is such a lovely pink toned lipsgloss which give my lips such a healthy look!

I own SO many ABH lipsticks, but narrowed my faves down to these three! 
Buff, Dusty Mauve & Rosewood! Buff & Rosewood are very similar, but I still like both of them just as much as one another! 

& I narrowed down my three fave ABH Liquid lipsticks too! Dusty Rose, Craft & Ashton! I feel like everyone has Ashton in their liquid lipstick collection, am I right? 

I thought I would touch upon the ABH Single Shadows I own! I'm slowly growing my collection, and love building a custom palette, but I'm not going to link them all as I'd be here all day! haha. 

I have left the most complicated product for last.. the EYESHADOW PALETTES. I'm only going to go through my absolute all time fave palettes here, I won't talk about them much as on the blog I've probably got an in depth review on each palette - have a look out for them!

The state of my Modern Renaissance palette shows how much I love this right? I always have this palette out on my desk, to accompany me if I'm using another palette. It is SUCH a staple palette and along with the brow stuff, the MR palette is what started my obsession with ABH! 
hahahahhaha - I was getting ready to crop out that cheeky little ant (I took these pics in my garden) but then I realised, I really can't be bothered. Hi Ant. 

THE PRISM PALETTE. ILY so much. That is all.

The Norvina Palette. This ranked my fave ever eyeshadow palette of 2018. Yes, yes it did. I would quite easily be happy with this palette as the only palette I owned. That's quite a large statement I just made - but it's true. Plus I love Norvina so much - she has such an awesome personality and really does care about ABH's customers.

The Riviera palette - a new palette of 2019- and I was so happy to see this amount of colour from ABH. It really is something different from ABH and I really like that.

You think you'd see this in my best of ABH products? Well you are. The sultry palette for me, is something I don't actually have in my collection! This palette is an all cool toned palette, and I don't think I can compare this to any palette I own. That's why I love it. Sometimes when I'm sick of all the warm tones, I reach for this palette and I honestly really like it! That grey shade and the bloom shade just work SO well together.

That was a lot of products right? Let me know if you have any other questions about these products, or any other products. I tried to keep this as simple as possible as I didn't want it to get too long for you to read, but do of course let me know if you have any questions!

Mehreen xx

21 August 2019


 I've wanted to try Profusion Cosmetics for the LONGEST time! The lovely Profusion team gifted me a few palettes to try, and I thought I would share my thoughts about the Pink Nudes & Siennas palettes with you all!

Let's start with the Pink Nudes palette!

This palette is £7! It includes 1 highlighter, 2 blush shades & 9 eyeshadows! I was really shocked with how buttery and good these shades swatched!

The colour story in this palette was DEFINITELY me! I love soft pinky shades and although it looks like the shades are very similar in tones, I can create so many looks with this palette. 
The shade 'Serenity' was a really nice glittery formula that I was actually really shocked to see in such an affordable palette. It was super glittery and glided on so so nicely! 

All shades swatch so beautifully & if you're looking for some pink toned shades on the more affordable side, I would highly recommend this palette! I've linked the palette here!

I then tried the Siennas palette, which leans more on the colourful side, but still so so wearable! This palette contains 21 shadows for £11, BARGAIN. 

Again, a really lovely palette! 

The mattes in this palette did require a little bit more work than the mattes in the Pink Nudes palette, but they still were super buttery and give off good colour pay off! I've linked the Siennas here. 

If I'm honest, I sometimes subconsciously stay away from more affordable brands when it comes to eyeshadows because I feel as if they won't be as good as the more 'higher end' brands, but brands like Profusion continuously remind me that affordable palettes can be just as good, if not better than higher end palettes!

If you're also looking into getting into eyeshadows more/want to build a collection, I'd highly recommend having a browse on the Profusion website and picking up a few! 

Let me know if you have any other questions loves xx

13 August 2019

Profusion First Impressions

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