So if you follow me on Instagram, you will know I spend ALOT of time in T K Maxx recently. That's because I have discovered the underrated beauty section that T K Maxx have.

First of all, you wouldn't think T K Maxx had anything worth remotely buying in terms of make up, but best believe, there's brands in store that you wouldn't even be able to buy AT FULL PRICE in the UK. They then slash the price of the actual retail price, and you can save some bucks.

Some brands I have seen being sold at T K Maxx that are worth mentioning are:

- ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS. Before a month ago, ABH products weren't even sold in stores in the UK. Your only place to purchase was Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty & the ABH UK site. Selfridges have started stocking ABH in their London & Manchester branches now though!
- Becca
- Cover FX
- Illamasqua
- Burberry Make up
- Gucci
- Benefit
- Too faced
- Kat Von D

But to find these brands, you can't just walk in and be greeted with an array of amazing make up products that are cheap and cheerful. You have to WORK for them, just like I have lols. Everything goes REALLY fast.

But here's some helpful tips that have helped me over the last few months to get a lot of good make up items:

1. Go into EVERY single store you come across. It takes a few minutes to walk into the store, check everything out & realise there's stuff worth buying - or there's stuff not worth buying.
2. Know where you're looking. In the beauty section, there's a table of stuff. That table of stuff is where you'll find most the make up items, but there are also shelves with a few palettes too.
3. LOOK UNDERNEATH EVERYTHING. I think staff members try to hide the good stuff, so they can buy it.. so LOOK PROPERLY. Pick up all the items you see, and if something looks like it could be hiding something, it most probably is hiding a gem.
4. Here's the best tip. There are normally people stocking the shelves at random times of the day. If you just so happen to walk in at the same time you see someone stocking the beauty shelves, YOU ARE IN LUCK. DO NOT MOVE. DO NOT LEAVE. WAIT. Wait for the lady to take everything out of her box, and grab it as she does this lmao. This is how I found both subculture palettes, about 3 Tarte palettes, 4 too faced palettes, and LOADS OF £5 COVER FX STUFF. I even asked the lady if I could look inside her box, and this really nice lady let me.. some others may not like it as they're trying to do their job, so maybe just wait around lol.
5. Make friends with the employees, as they normally can tell you when what came in etc. A lady in my local branch told me she had the ABH Prism palette a few weeks ago, and hasn't seen one since, but at least you know what to look out for!
6. I've been to multiple T K Maxx's in a short space of time, and have calculated that most T K Maxx's get the same stock at the same time. For example, all T K Maxx's I visited today had the Anastasia aurora glow kits at the same time, and they had the SUBCULTURE palettes in the one I went to, but I assume when I got to the next T K Maxx, they had already been sold. They both also had the same Becca items & Illamasqua products! I also believe they put two of each item at a time on the shelves. For example, I've never seen more than two of the same ABH palettes at the same time. This leads me on to the second point..
7. If I put something on my story saying I found something in T K Maxx, your best option is to also go that day to see if they have it! So keep a look out on my Instagram/if anyone else snaps their T K Maxx items!
8. They stock 5 days a week - Monday to Friday. Maybe not so worth looking on the weekend, and rather a weekday.
9. Personally, I wouldn't buy swatched stuff from T K Maxx. People who shop at T K Maxx have a very annoying habit of actually trying the product in store, as there are no no testers. This just SUCKS for people who actually want to buy it. If you still want it & it's been swatched, you can tell them at the till, and they'll reduce the price for you. This makes it non refundable, but make up items are non refundable anyway. I think they'll normally reduce the price by 10-20% but I suppose you could ask for more, and if they can, they will.
10. Although the T K Maxx website isn't as good as in store, they still sometimes have some good items! Currently, they have some Tarte & Becca products! (I've never seen Anastasia on the site!)
11. A lot of people say to me that their local T K Maxx doesn't sell anything good. Not true, you're just a bit too late and all the good stuff is gone. It's unfortunate, but it's all about luck. If you're dedicated (and have as much time as me on your hands) then definitely be patient and keep looking (everyday if you have to lol!)

& here's my helpful guide on what make up products are actually worth it & some not so much:

- Firstly let me just tell you, if you see Kat Von D in the store leave that baby alone. I once saw the Kat Von D lock it setting spray that was more expensive in store than the Debenhams Kat Von D counter! Urgh.
- Too faced, although there's a saving.. is still generally quite expensive. For example, the £33 glitter bomb palette, was still £27. It's on sale on the Too Faced website for £29.70, so not much saving. Generally, too faced is still expensive at T K Maxx. I've seen & purchased the natural eyes palettes too!
- Tarte is pretty good, as it's cheaper than the website, and you actually can't get it in store in the UK, so definitely look out for Tarte palettes. I've seen and purchased their Rainforest of the sea collection lately, along with their smaller Tarte pro to go palettes.
- Cover FX has the best savings. Everything I've seen that's Cover FX has always been priced at £4.99. Including their custom drops, their highlighting drops, highlighter, pressed powder etc. These are always in the £30ish price range full price.
- For the lack of Anastasia Beverly Hills stockists in the UK, T K Maxx have ABH items for CHEEEAP. Their £43 palettes (Subculture & Prism are the only one's I've heard of SO FAR being in store) are priced a £19.99, and their glow kit which is usually around £46 is also £19.99! Their liquid lips are usually £20, and in store are priced at around £12. So definitely, look out for ABH.
- Becca is also priced reasonably, but it's always stuff I don't really need, like brow products, colour correctors etc, not highlighters etc.
- Keep a look out for Burberry foundation, I purchased mine for £14.99 and it's normally £35, and it's honestly one of the best foundations I own! Pretty hard to match your colour though (please don't use them in store), I literally guessed my shade from online research lol!

Anyway, I know this was lengthy, but I hope this helps as I get tons of you alllll messaging me every time I upload something I find. I literally think we need to share more T K Maxx finds so we can all go into our local stores to find the stuff we want. I love when you all get excited for me haha.
If you find anything good in T K Maxx, please tag me/message me! I'd love to see what you find! Keep a look out on my Insta-stories about what I find, and hopefully that'll help! <3

30 August 2018

Tips on T K Maxx Beauty Bargains!

When Norvina announced she made a palette, I was so intrigued. I love her personality so much, and have always thought she's one of the more down to earth people in the beauty world.

So of course, I purchased it to go with my other collections!

Firstly, this palette intrigues me as it has 7 metallic shades! That's the most I've ever seen in an Anastasia palette before! & I'm a sucker for metallic shades, so I knew this palette would be for me.

My first impression went to how many looks I could create from this palette, this palette gives me so many ideas, & I love that from a palette!

Uhhh, they swatch AMAZINGLY. The metallic shades are SO soft, and with one swipe they look amazing.

The mattes are also so buttery, and blend so well- but one thing I noticed were some specs of glitter in the 'matte' shades. This doesn't bother me at all because I love sparkle so much, and I don't know whether it's just fall out from other shades? Either way, they still give off a matte vibe!

In comparison to previous palettes, the formula is very different to modern renaissance, as the metallic shades are more 'foiled'. Where the MR palette you could get a more day time look, the Norvina palette would definitely make a more glam look with the foiled shadows.

Here are some really quick looks I did on some friends AKA models xx

I love how gold this look is so simple but still so glam. I used Incense in the crease, summer all over the lid, and dreamer in the middle!

So intrigued on how the purples would show up on darker skin tones & I was pleasantly surprised. The colour pay off was AMAZING. I used Soul in the crease, drama all over the lid, and celestial in the middle.

Soul is such a unique colour that I never thought I needed, & now I have it.. I'm amazed.

Overall, this is probably going to fast become one of the best ABH palettes I own & probaaaably going to be one of the best palettes I have in my collection (trust me, I have a lot). I can't think of any faults to this palette!

6 August 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Norvina Palette!

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