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Questions I have been asked
  • What is your skin type?   My skin type is oily, and acne prone.
  • What is your favourite place to shop?   I really don't have a fave place to shop.. I shop anywhere & everywhere. COS is probably up there, along with Zara & Topshop. I also love Chanel & CĂ©line. :) 
  • What is your favourite cuisine?    Japanese :)
  • Can you put up a link for the chanel necklace you wear, i love it but can't find it anywhere. Ah the infamous Chanel necklace I wear every single day! So, this was a piece from their 100th anniversary in the Costume Jewellery section in Selfridges in around 2014/2015. It is my favourite thing. Unfortunately, it's probably not available anymore, which isn't helpful at all. However, I have found a site which sells it in gold, however, I'm not sure how authentic this site would be.  Here's also another that sells in gold.  - Please don't trust me in the authenticity of these sites!! 
  • What do you do for a living? I'm self employed. :) 
  • How tall are you? I'm 5'5.5 lols.
  • Hey beautiful! Where is your pink coat from?   That coat was from ASOS :) X

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