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This is probably the most personal I will get on social media, and it's not even that deep. I have been meaning to write a blog post for ageeeees about this topic.. so here's an attempt.

Me, as a person, have always really been into women. I love women, not in that way, but if I meet a female, I will always want to know about them, where they got their shoes from, where their highlight is from, what they do in life, how their day is etc. I have made some amazing female friends in my life time which I absolutely adore & support. Never once, have I ever felt jealous of another female, but only inspired.

That being said, I always feel like there is a huge barrier between me and a new female acquaintance. I feel like it's a womanly instinct to review, judge & scope out before letting another female into their life. We don't even realise we're doing it anymore. We all have our reasons to do this though. Admittedly, this 'barrier' has also sometimes stopped me from letting me have a friendly relationship with another lady. It should not be like that, from both sides. We have to fully scope out another women, just to see if we can let them into our life. We don't trust one another. We judge their life, their partners, their life choices, their style.. everything. Why do we do this?

From a very young age, I have grown up with women, I have fell out with women, whether it's at work, at school, in my personal life or anywhere else. It could have been about the silliest thing, about nothing at all, or about something HUGE. Although, thank God, I have the most supportive, amazing people in my life, I have had a lot of women make me feel like absolute shit, just so they feel a bit better.. my whole life. I know, we have a lot to deal with in our lives, especially being female, but isn't that just another excuse to be there for one another? How are we meant to let the world appreciate us, if we can't appreciate one another?

I also believe that culture does not help with this. What makes it worse is females that can relate to you the MOST (i.e. a pakistani girl, who grew up the same way you did) will be the one to not support you the most. This really upsets me. In this day & age, we need to support each other as much as possible! There will be women that are better than you, there will be women that are worse off than you.. there will be women of different personalities, with different lives, of different shapes & of different shades of skin, but we are all very similar. We're women. We're all going through life, being women & doing what we do. Whilst I am at work, I do not wish to be battling another female's personal attitude towards me, I just want to work & make my money. Whilst I am out, I do not wish to be stared at & given a horrible look, just for being me. Whilst I am doing well in my life, or if I need help in my life, I wish for you to only support me. I wish this is how all my female's are towards one another.

I know this won't be seen by many, but for the few that have read this, I hope it makes you slightly think about the way you interact with another female. Let's all be happy & fun & supportive. #happyinternationalwomensday

8 March 2017


It's safe to say I have purchased way too much make up in the past week or so. I thought I'd share my goodies. 

Starting off with the make up geek individual eyeshadow pans. Starting from the left, is the foiled eyeshadow which gives off a metallic finish. The first colour I purchased is 'grandstand' (thanks Huma for answering my annoying "what MUG colours do I need pls?" question). 

Secondly, I purchased a duo chrome eyeshadow which apparently adds a duochrome-y effect to your eyes. This shade is 'voltage'. When swatching this, it's not very duo-chromey but maybe it'll look better when applied to eyes? I'm comparing this to my duochrome single 'Chameleon Glow' Topshop eyeshadow in 'Shuffle The Cards', which is the best duochrome sort of shadow I've used. 

The last three are the normal eyeshadow pans in the colours Shimma Shimma, Cinderella & Latte. 

Next are the Morphe individual shadows, the two in the black from the left to right are Granite and Lustrous. They are the standard individual pans which are about £4. I think this is so affordable for the quality! The one in the red is the premium eyeshadow palette in Date Night. This pan is about 3 times bigger than the usual ones, and it's crazy pigmented. It's £5.50 which is mad cheap guys. These prices are from beauty bay. :) I'm so excited to fill up my Z palette. 

I also purchased the Eye Essential 7 Piece set from BH cosmetics from beauty bay. I've not ever tried a BH cosmetics brush and really want to, resulting in me buying 7 at once. *rolling eye face emoji* 

Now to talk about my glitter obsession pls. 

I literally can't get enough of glitter. I think it's a winter/festive thing, which resulted in me searching for some good quality glitter. This Beauty Bakerie 'sprinkles' in white from Cult Beauty came with a free glue (yay) and it's so pretty. So if you've read my posts before, you know I have an obsession with Charlotte Tilbury. This glitter concoction has gold glitter, and the white shadow blends out to be translucent, so you're left with gold glitter. This gold glitter is pretty much a dupe for the glitter in the CT dolce vita palette which I am slowly running low on. I am so happy.

V. Hard to Photograph thnx

Look how gorgeous? This is the LA Splash cosmetics crystallized glitters from Beauty Bay. Left to right: Long Island & Mai Tai. I used lash glue with this and didn't like the outcome.. then my Beauty Bakerie delivery came and I tried my free glue, and it worked a lot better. So yeah, use actual glitter glue, not lash glue. They're also so so pretty and exactly what I was looking for.

I always forget to use setting spray. I've had my setting spray from Urban Decay for years, so thought it was time to try something new. Maybe there's a reason I don't use mine at the moment? So hoping I can see a difference in this Gerards Cosmetics Slay All Day spray in peach. Smells yum.

Not the best picture (ngl; taking pictures of SO much make up is tiring), but this is the Hourglass vanish foundation stick in beige. I purchased this from Space NK and gosh, I love it. This product is magnificent. I've used it everyday since I've purchased, which is quite surprising as CT magic foundation is my holy grail. It blends out so easy (I prefer a Flat Kabuki instead of a beauty blender for this) and it looks so smooth. The colour I picked up for my skin matches really well, and I'm sure people have complimented my foundation more recently. It's £42, but I think it's worth it. I'm just hoping it lasts me more than a month.

I've not tried any Huda Beauty matte lipstick shades yet, so the first one I purchased is flirt. I really like this colour.

So I purchased the Lime Crime Velvetines in Shroom and Teddy Bear. I also love these, they're probably one of my favourite matte lipsticks after the Gerard Cosmetics ones.

Lastly, I purchased the Ultimate glow kit by ABH. I have the 'that glow' kit and although I use it occasionally, it's not my favourite. This seemed like a different formula, so also excited to try this. I got this from Cult Beauty, but I know it sells out quite fast when they restock. It's still in stock right now though!

I don't think I need any more products.. until next week.

29 December 2016

Make Up Haul.

Many years ago, when I purchased my first ever luxury product, I remember always doubting myself on whether I had made the right decision. Over the years, as my collection slowly grows, I have been asked loads of questions about my bags, how I chose them, and even helped friends with their purchases. I don't know everything, but I'll share my personal experience with you guys, along with some tips & hope it will be of use.

Let's start with the Céline, the first one I ever purchased. This bag is called the Céline phantom; a very popular bag. Although it is very popular, it comes in many colours & many materials, so I find this bag pretty unique for each person. 

The design has been similar over the years, with a few tweaks along the way. It has a handle, normally not large enough to wear as a shoulder bag, but large enough to be comfortable to carry everywhere. It has the same interface; sometimes the Céline is embossed into the material (like mine), and sometimes it's written in gold or silver. I will talk about the gold and silver embossing when talking about my Céline clutch in another blog post. Some also come with a plaited zip thing (like mine) and some are slightly simpler. 

This bag comes in a variety of different materials; mine is Calfskin, which is a leather that is quite soft, easily scratched but very durable. Something I've learnt; do not buy a calfskin bag if it upsets you when it becomes slightly scratched. When I first purchased this, I was so upset with the first scratch, it's inevitably going to happen. I found with this particular bag, as long as the mark/scratch isn't too deep, the leather comes back up, meaning the scratch disappears (but there's still obviously signs of wear). I'm not sure if this happens on all the phantom bags, but along with the colour of mine being quite a nude/beige, this tends to happen. Other materials that these bags come in are felt, canvas, pony hair, suede, python & more. They also come in a range of colours, and designs; there's even stripy ones. I opted for a nude/beige.. just because I liked it. It was called 'earth' when I purchased it, I hadn't seen it for a few years in stores, but have recently noticed this colour has become quite popular again. 

One thing I used to research before purchasing this bag, was the difference between the Céline phantom bag, and the luggage tote. The main difference is, the phantom does not have a zip.
I've noticed that this is a huge decider for girls, and rightly so, not having a zip on a bag can be pretty annoying. Personally, I preferred the interface of the phantom. Owning the bag for a long time, the lack of zip doesn't bother me, as the way you carry the bag, means the bag is quite close to you.. there's no way anyone is getting into my bag without me knowing. The luggage tote comes in a variety of sizes, while I believe the phantom comes in one size only. The luggage tote sizes vary from a nano size (which is SO cute) and goes up to quite a large size. It also has this 'tricolour' range, which is pretty appealing, but also quite daring. I've not seen the phantom in this style. The luggage also comes in a variety of different materials. 

Overall I think the phantom is a great bag. Due to the large range it comes in, you can pick one according to your personality & it can still be a pretty unique bag. I've had mine for 3+ years now, and I'm still using it quite a lot. It's a great everyday bag. 

- Don't buy online! There are SO many fakes out there, why risk it? Unless it's an authorised seller or from a site you trust, it's not worth it. It's also always fun to go into stores and try them before you buy.. especially if you're new to this. 
- Don't spend money you don't have. Never spend your money on one luxury product and then not be able to afford lunch the next day.. that's not cool. Budgeting and restricting yourself is the way you'll be able to afford nicer things in the future.
- Buy what you like, not what everyone else likes! So many people question my choice of style, but when they realise it makes me, me.. they understand. There's no point buying the most 'on trend' thing, especially if it won't fit into your day to day life, and doesn't suit your needs. 

I hope this helps! I was going to write about all my bags in this post but I realised, I have way too much to talk about. Look out for my Chanel bag, my clutches & my burberry bag post to continue this 'starting a designer bag' series. 

Bye :) 

16 November 2016

Starting a Designer Bag Collection: Part 1

Hi! A vast amount of you have messaged to ask where this suit is from. I would like to start off by apologising! I'm sorry :( :(

I bought this suit over a year ago from a website called Iman Boutique. It comes with a net skirt that I didn't wear on this day and a dupatta. I recently contacted Iman Boutique to ask if this was still available to order for you guys, however unfortunately it's last season. BUT I advise you to check them out! They are great. You can choose between semi stitched & stitched in their suits, and they're always on trend and have great outfits.

I couldn't bear individually telling you guys this isn't available anymore, so thought I'd write it in a post.. but check them out!

Bye loves.

P.S. Happy November.

1 November 2016

Asian Outfit.. (I'm sorry)

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