As 2017 is nearing to an end, and my palette collection is increasing more and more as the days go by, I thought it would be a really brilliant and time consuming idea to rank my top 10 palettes out of my collection!

Please note, these are 20 palettes. This does not include my Z palette with single shadows, and some drugstore palettes I own. They didn't make the shortlist. Then some of these didn't make the shortlist of the shortlist!

So let me start by listing the 20 palettes I am ranking. I am only listing my top 10 (this was extremely difficult). I will link where you can buy these from just here at the beginning!

I am choosing between:
1) Urban Decay Naked Palette
2) Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
3) Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette 
4) Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette (on sale!)
5) Huda Beauty Mauve Obsession Palette
6) Huda Beauty Smokey Obsession Palette
7) The Balm Meet Matte Nude Palette
8) The Balm Nude'tude Palette
9) Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette
10) Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette (nooo it's gone)
11) Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette
12) Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette 
13) Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette 
14) Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette
15) Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette (nooo it's gone)
16) Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
17) Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette
18) Morphe Copper Spice Palette 
19) Morphe 35o Palette 
20) Morphe 350s Palette 

Now time to cut these in half, and talk about my top 10 palettes of 2017.

10) Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

You know they're loved when they look a messss! This had to make my top 10. It is a perfect palette for everyday use, but can also extend to glam.

This is the palette I am mostly travel with (on a daily basis, not over a few days)! I really like starting off the day with this, and if I have plans in the evening, adding more on!

As you can see, the shade called Cocoa Chili is one of my faves. It has really fine gold/green glitter in it, which looks amazing - I have nothing like this shade. Good palette.

9) Violet Voss Laura Lee Palette 

Yo, I didn't even know who Laura Lee was. I have obviously YouTube'd her now, and watched some of her videos..

I bought this palette because it was on sale and because I love Violet Voss shadows. They are honestly one of the best I've used. People compare them to Morphe, but no - Violet Voss Glitters are definitely better.

The glitters in this palette are soooo buttery, I was amazed. I really like 'fleeky' as an untraditional transition shade, and the mattes blend beautifully.

I'm assuming I found it with 30% off because they were discontinuing them - but consider a different Violet Voss palette (keep reading). I have my eye on the ride or die palette.. but I don't neeeed it :(.

8) Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette 

For spot 8, I had to decide between the Morphe 35o & the Jaclyn Hill, because you do not need both!

I mean you do, if you're like me, and you prefer the slightly pinky tones in here compared to the 35o (on the top right of the palette). That's the reason I chose the JH palette compared to the morphe 35o. One thing I hate is the white packaging. Why Jaclyn? Mine is horribly smudged already!

I love the Morphe Copper spice as it was so inexpensive, and still good quality, but no space in my top 10, soz boo.

Morphe 35os is great with additional palettes, but can't be used for a whole look, due to the lack of mattes.

7) Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette 

Nobody can take my love away from this palette. You can probably tell from the state of it. (I REFUSE TO CLEAN ALL MY PALETTES FOR THIS POST TO SHOW YOU THE LOVE THEY GET).

I bought this when it first came out, and yes, there is fall out, but they are beautiful shadows that you can create beautiful looks with.

When this finishes, the only reason I wouldn't repurchase is because I have so many palettes.

I am really sad that other ABH palettes haven't been loved :( I really hope they produce another one as good as this.

6) Huda Beauty Mauve Palette 

A very recent purchase, but already in my top. Please note the Smokey Obsession did not make my top (although still a lovely palette) as these colours are more me.

I love the pink glitter, and the mattes. For a palette with only 9 shades, there's so many looks you can create!

Also loving the fact it's so small, as I can take it everywhere with me!

5) Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette 

Charlotte just does it right, every single time. You can read my review on this palette here.

4) Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette 

Yaassss, my recent obsession with Huda Beauty products is real. I will stand by this palette, forever.

All the glitters except the 'textured' shadows are easy to work with. The textures shadows require more work, but are absolutely fab. Let's not forget the mattes, which are also lovely.

V V good palette.

3) Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette 

Who's surprised this baby has made my top 5? Not one single person.

I kid you not, most wedding, party, formal event I went to in 2017, I was wearing this palette.

This palette is my child. I love you.

2) Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette 

Quite literally holy grail. This palette, like the Laura Lee, is such good quality.

Glitters are buttery, mattes are super blendable, and the shades in this palette compliment each other SO well. I prefer the shades in this than the Laura Lee palette.

As my friend Sabera once said, this palette is me in a palette. ha.

1) Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette 

Yes baby girl, you got my top spot.

I am in love with this palette. You can read my really in depth review here, where I tell you basically how obsessed I am with this palette.

Seriously guys, before 2017 ends, get your hands on this!

I really enjoyed writing this blog post! I'm quickly going to add my reasons to why some palettes weren't chosen, if I haven't already.
- The Balm palettes - So the Nude'tude was probably one of the palettes I regret purchasing. I purchased it because I came across The Balm products for the first time, in the smallest airport in Ireland. As I was waiting for a plane, I picked up two palettes, the matte nude, and the nude'tude. The nude'tude shadow pans are the SMALLEST PANS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!! I do use it because the quality is good, however for the price, not worth it. On the other hand.. the Nude Meet Matte palette pan sizes are absolutely huge!! I just don't reach for this palette everyday, but they have really good matte staples. Also their packaging is fab.
- Urban decay Naked Palettes - these are what started by obsession with eyeshadows, and it's really sad to say I've outgrown them :( I just think there's so many better quality, and cheaper palettes out there, but Naked Palettes - you are the OG's, you know it.

Do you agree with my top 10? I'd love to know yours guys!

7 December 2017

Top Eye Shadow Palettes of 2017!

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