16 October 2018

Grow Gorgeous - Does it grow your hair?

I was very lucky to try the Intense Range from Grow Gorgeous! I'm always on the lookout for products to better my hair, especially as I have very thin, fine hair! It's also very oily, and not in the best of states!

One thing I notice with my hair and many products is that my hair becomes an out of control frizz, so I was very excited to try out the range. You can purchase it here, from the Grow Gorgeous site!

The products I received were the Hair Density Shampoo and conditioner,  the thickening hair and scalp mask, and the Hair Growth Serum. Not to forget the lovely coffee Grow Gorgeous gave me (they clearly know about my coffee addiction).

So let's go through the items individually.

First is the Hair Density Shampoo and conditioner. This stuff not only smells great, but gets rid of grease and dirt like never before. The consistency of the shampoo  is a lot different to other shampoos I've used. It's a lot thicker, but still comes out very easily!

Next, you double condition with this thickening hair & scalp mask! This also feels really lovely on your hair, and sort of sinks in! There's so much product too, it's lasted me well over a month!

Lastly, the most unique product out the range - a hair growth serum. I love how this can be used on your scalp in the morning or evening and dries to nothing! I have definitely noticed a visible difference in the thickness of my hair due to this product. I love the ease of the dropper application too!

So, does the grow gorgeous range work? Yes. My hair has always been pretty fine and thin, and after using this for about a month now, I've noticed a visible difference in the healthiness of my hair! I'd highly recommend this range, if you want your hair to grow out from a bad haircut quickly, if your hair is pretty fine, and if you just want your hair to be healthier. If you want to invest in your hair, I'd definitely recommend this - they have some great bundles on the site. Guys! It's also fixed my frizz issues.

Purchase the range here.

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