17 October 2018

My Opinion on the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Collection

There's hardly anyone who owns the original JH palette that I know who dislikes it. So when Jaclyn Hill announced she was releasing all the shades she couldn't put in her original palette, everyone was here for it. We all know the original batches were recalled, and even after this was set straight, people still hated the formula. Surely, for a reliable trusted brand, Morphe's formula can't be that different compared to palettes they've previously released? Hmmm.

The only two palettes I was interested in was the Ring The Alarm palette and the Bling Boss palette. The other two palettes I knew I wouldn't get much use out of, at all! 

These two palettes are perfectly curated, especially the Bling Boss palette -this palette looked so unique for my collection.. but let's move on to the swatches! 

Firstly is the Bling Boss palette, meh. The mattes don't swatch very well! Sparks was a really poor swatch & rockstar is so patchy, especially on the eye when you tried to blend it out.

The shimmers, meh. They're not as creamy and smooth and 'shiny' as other Morphe palettes I've used are.

I do really enjoy the shade Hush Hush, on darker skin tones it built up REALLY nicely, and I definitely feel I will get a lot of use from that shade.

Next, the Ring The Alarm palette - patchy AF. Firstly, I believe I can truly dupe every single one of these shades from other palettes I own, so not very unique (although nicely curated in one single palette), and then for the mattes to be so patchy, it just annoyed me. 

There's also too many similar shades in this palette. We don't need the shade Alert as well as Mugshot as well as Rush, and quite honestly, I'm finding it hard to see a difference between the shade 'Framed' and 'Secret'. 

Personally, I feel these shades didn't make her original palette for a reason. They are 'rejects' and if they didn't make the cut for her original palette, they shouldn't have made the cut for other palettes!

In all honestly, Morphe has better performing palettes than these. I'd stay away and I'm pretty sure all these colours can be duped from other palettes.

Some of my faves that I haven't mentioned (yet) are the 15N palette & 35B palette!

The 15N took me by surprise and was such a good palette, & the 35B was so unique for Morphe, not just 30 different shades of brown, finally!

Let me know if you had any luck with these palettes if you've tried, and did I just get a dodgy batch?

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