19 February 2018

Soft Glam Vs. Modern Renaissance. Are they the same?

As soon as I saw the first image Anastasia Beverly Hills released of this palette, I literally thought it it was Modern Renaissance. They even had the same shades?

& of course, the detective-ness in me had to find out.

Firstly, 3 shades are repeated & all the other colours had similar vibes. The whole of the internet also pretty much had the same impression.

So I of course, decided to compare them.

I swatched them, side by side with the closest possible shades in each palette.

& here's my outcome:

The first three from the bottom are the colours that are repeated; Cyprus Umber, Burnt Orange & Tempera.

After that, I had trouble matching these shades. The next two are golden ochre from MR, which I had to pair with Noir from the SG and these are obviously completely different.

The only shades I found pretty similar is Buon Fresco (MR) with Dusty Rose, but Dusty rose is darker. There are a LOT more shimmery shades in the Soft Glam palette, which I love.

In my opinion, the three shades that are repeated are excellent. They're pretty popular shades, and go really well in this palette. I can understand why ABH took some well loved shades, and put it into a new palette. Most people have probably hit pan on these shades!

The other thing I've heard, is many shades aren't new and are available as singles. I find that even though available as singles, the option to have it in a palette is cheaper, and ABH have done a really good job at incorporating their already well loved shades into a palette.

Although the shades at first look the same, as both palettes are very warm toned and pink, they're most definitely not the same. I would call this, an upgraded version of the already well loved Modern Renaissance palette!

So here, I used Orange Soda in the crease, and on the outer corner, added Sienna. I was dying to use the glittery Rose Pink shade, so added that to the main part of the lid. I then put Sultry on the outer part of the lid, on top of Sienna. I used Dusty Rose on the lower lid & Fairy as the inner corner highlight.

The name Soft Glam perfectly describes the looks you can do with this palette.

Of course, ABH palettes have fall out and are quite soft. This palette has its usual amount of fall out, but nothing extreeeeme. I found that they blended really easily, and the glitter shades are so so so buttery and fabulous.

I already know that this palette is going to look just like my ABH one. Obsessed with it already.

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