16 February 2018

Is the Violet Voss Ride or Die palette just old shades repackaged?

Who knows my obsession with Violet Voss palettes?
If you didn't, yeah.. I'm obsessed. I'm so obsessed that I've had my eye on the Violet Voss Ride or Die Palette for about a year now. I just couldn't justify the price. You can shop it on Beauty Bay here.

I managed to get the palette with 25% off on Beauty Bay. That's £52.50. Let's divide £52.50 with 42 (that's how many shadows there are) and it works out to be £1.25 per shadow which means I can definitely justify the price. Ha.

I want to start off with talking about the formula and colours, but at the end of this post, I will show you comparisons with the other Violet Voss shadows I own (including pictures). Let's just say, I was pretty surprised with the outcome.


Right, if you're new to my blog, you need to know.. Violet Voss are my favourite shadows & this palette doesn't disappoint.

Their main finishes's are:
- Matte - which are pretty pigmented, even in this palette.
- Metallic - which are amazingly buttery and creamy. They glide on really well and are VERY easy to work with.
- Shimmers - they're not as buttery and creamy as the metallics, but they do have an amazing colour quality.

The only palette I've noticed that isn't consistent with their amazing formula, is the Nicol Concillio palette. Although a great palette, I feel the formula was different.

I've already addressed this above, but as much as I love Violet Voss shadows, I wouldn't spend £70 in one go on a palette. However, at the discounted rate.. it's good.


My main concern with this palette was.. Are the colours the same as the other Violet Voss palettes I own?
This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.. because then you can just buy this one palette and you're set for life! So I decided to compare the shades in this palette with the palettes I already own & I was pretty surprised at the results.

I'll start off with telling you about the palettes I own already:

- The Holy Grail palette (HG)
- The Laura Lee Palette (LL)
- The Nicol Concillio Palette (NC)

I know they had others such as the Drench Metals, Matte about you & a Taupe Notch palette, but I wasn't into them, however I think the palettes I own are on the same colour range so will give me a good representation on if Violet Voss just repackaged the same shadows into a huge palette..

I compared in columns, from top to bottom, and I swatched many together. The first column the only 'dupe' I thought I found was Michelle & NYC (from the NC palette).

However when swatched together, Michelle had a blue glitter and they were surprisingly very different.

Next column:

These brown shades, I thought I would definitely find a dupe. I was certain. I'm sure if I had the Taupe Notch or the Matte About You palette there would have been a dupe.

The only similar shades I could find was Skylar to Bubs in the Nicol Concillio palette.

When swatched together, they were again.. not the same at all:

Next Column:

Here's Cool Beans (from HG) Kelly, Destiny & Tickled Pink (from HG).

So here, Cool beans & Destiny were the same. Tickled Pink & Destiny weren't.

So the next column, the yellow column:

So this looks confusing. The middle row is the whole of the yellow column swatched. The swatches on the right hand side to the middle column are the colours that I found from other palettes that are similar, so..

Jessica is identical to Victoria in the NC palette.. funny how they're both names too!

I thought Jane was similar to Hissy Fit in the LL palette, but it's slightly different.. so I don't think that it counts!

The next column:

Similar shades I found were:

This is Ashley swatched next to Alabama (LL) and Hey Girl (NC) .. again I thought they were similar, but all very different.

Now from here, it starts to get really interesting.

This is Stephanie next to Bitty (LL) and they are the same..

The next is Allison next to Hey Girl (HG). This again is pretty much the same colour. Hey Girl, is just a tad darker.

But the last column yields the craziest results.

The right swatches are the last column in the Ride or Die palette, and the left are the similar shades, mostly from the HG palettes. ATTENTION BABES OF MAKEUP. THEY ARE IDENTICAL!

Amy is the same as Wine n Dine (HG)
Andrea is the same as Cranberry Splash (HG)
Holly is the same as Rammer Jammer (LL)
Scarlett is the same as On Fleek (HG)
Isabella is the same as Ploof (HG)


So, my detective abilities yielded some interesting results.

Overall, I found that the majority of shades on the left hand side of the ride and die palette, were pretty unique. A few shades are similar to some other palettes, but pretty unique.

However, the right side of the ride and die palette was pretty much a dupe of the Holy Grail palette.


- Either just buy the Ride and Die and you're set for life.
- If you only like the berry toned shades, get the Holy Grail palette, instead of this.
- The Laura Lee palette was the most unique palette.
- The Nicol Concillio palette was quite similar to the Ride or Die (basically just buy the Ride or Die).

Overall, I'm not really fussed because the Holy Grail palette is quite literally my holy grail.. so I now have dupes of my fave shades. I kinda wish Violet Voss hinted at the fact that the berry toned shades were the same, so I would have known.. but no shade at all because I highly respect their shadow quality.

Do I recommend this palette? Yes.. I guess so.

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