16 January 2018

Concealer Diaries | Part 1: Becca Ultimate Coverage Creme

Hi. I've accumulated a lot of concealers in the last few months, and wanted to start a new thing called 'Concealer Diaries'.

Over the last few weeks I've been testing concealers, to see what works well. I'll be doing one concealer at a time. This is mainly for my own personal reference, as I realised I look back at my make up and try to guess which concealer I had used, as some look better than others! I thought it would help you guys too if I document it, and unleash it to the internet.

Before I start:
- For the consistency of this experiment, every concealer in this series will be set with the ABH powder in the contour kit, AKA a somewhat decent powder. No baking or variation from powders will occur for a true review of the concealers.
- This post includes raw, unfiltered close up images of my face to show what the concealer looks like in its true form. Some were taken in a rush, so pls do not judge meh.
- I always used 1 to 2 shades lighter concealer compared to my foundation. I know some people don't, but that's my preference. Some shades were purchased online, so may be darker or lighter for my skin. I usually am pretty bad at colour matching lol.

So we're starting with Becca Ultimate Coverage Creme. This is the shade Tahini.

Shade range
So, they have 12 shade ranges. This is pretty good. They also look like they range from warm to neutral to cool shades, and have quite a good range for deeper skin tones.

This concealer is £24. It's definitely quite pricey for a concealer.

First Impressions
I purchased this online without ever seeing it in person! It's called creme. So I thought it would be a really really creamy concealer. Wrong. This is the hardest thing I've ever put on my face for a while. It reminded me of them really old school concealer from MAC in the circular pots lol. However, with one swatch you could tell this was really really really full coverage.

Ok, so application was tough. I first tried with a beauty blender. Which I use with all my concealers, and no it did not budge lol. I basically gave up, and resorted to a concealer brush. I found the best way to blend this in, was to not SMEAR at all. Literally dab, like with your beauty blender, but not with your beauty blender.. your concealer brush. LOL. Does this make sense? It took longer than usual to blend out (like maybe 3 minutes in total as opposed to my usual 1 minute), but the end result is really impressive.

This is it straight after application (yes my makeup workspace gets messy.. who's doesn't?). It took a lot of blending to get to this point. I think it's pretty light for me so if I repurchase, I would go one shade darker. But as you can see it's done a good job. It did crease right under my eye, but wasn't extremely bad. It was easy to blend it back in, but a few minutes later.. it did crease again. However, I still really like it!


This image is with flash, and about 2 hours after application! 

It's still pretty good coverage.

It lasted about 6-8 hours and still looked like this. It's pretty long wearing.

Another image of it. Pretty good.

Firstly, this is notttt a beginner product. You've got to be pretty good & patient at blending this product out. But I can see this being a stable product for MUA's and people that are make up collectors - like me.
This concealer, in my opinion, would work better for spot concealing. As it is amazingly full coverage, I am going to repurchase this in the same shade as my foundation for my hyperpigmented patches! This does not mean it's not great for the under eye - it is! But it just requires more work. :)
Another thing that may help the creasing is the powder. As stated, I did not set it with a really really fab powder. My Becca soft lighting blur powder in Golden Hour or Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in Medium would set this concealer amazingly, and it would not move.
Overall, it's a reallly good concealer, it's worth the £24 as you only need a tiny tiny bit for full coverage, so it would last you ages! It just needs a bit of work.

Please let me know if there is any other concealers you'd like me to try! Check out Mehshake Buys for upcoming concealers I'll review. :)

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