30 January 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette First Impressions!

Let's be honest. I was really sceptical when I purchased this, because of the Subculture palette. I didn't buy that. I decided I didn't want to include myself into that type of drama.. and then I didn't buy this for the longest time just in case it was similar to the Subculture palette, until of course Beauty Bay had it on sale for £33 instead for £43.. so I HAD to purchase. If you want it at the discounted price then you can purchase it here, & you may want to hurry as I'm sure it'll sell out pretty fast.

Let's start with swatches:

From Left to Right: Lucid, Eden, Unity, Sphinx, Osiris, Sphere & Obsidian.

From Left to Right: Dimension, Parallel, Pyramid, Throne, Saturn, Eternal, Lure.

Reasons why I didn't initially buy were:
- I thought the colours were all over the place, and couldn't initially work out how I would combine these shadows to make my eyes look acceptable.
- Of course, the patchiness and fall out of the Subculture palette. I was really upset about the Subculture palette, simply because I love Modern Renaissance SO much. I've hit pan on nearly all the shades. P.s. I'm totally buying the Soft Glam palette, which looks like an upgraded version of MR. I didn't like it at first, but now I'm like yaaass.
- There's way too many bright colours in here for my liking. Sphere? What you doing? You should not be allowed to be applied onto the eyes. No.
- I dislike green eyeshadow.
- I thought Lure looked exactly like Buon Fresco in the MR palette, & I didn't really need it.
- A black shadow. I feel like adding a black to a small palette of 14 colours really bugs me. I have about 20 eyeshadow palettes with a black shade in it.. if I needed a black, I could open one of them. I realise, that that is a very unpopular opinion.

Reasons why I regret not initially buying:
- Uhhhh, this palette is so unique. In fact, the colour combinations are endless. The first combination I did was Lure with pyramid & I loved it. I realised that I don't have similar shades in different palettes, even the Gold's are very unique. Lucid is a super unique colour which I really feel like I could get a lot of use out of.
I love that I can create a really dark smokey look with this palette, and also a really light look.
- Yep, its not got anything wrong with it in terms of fall out. Everyone knows these days that the more pigmented the colours are, the more fall out there is. There's nothing wrong with fall out, and there's nothing wrong with this palette.
I'm actually finding the colours super pigmented, especially the matte colours. They are really lovely and blend out really well.
The shimmer shades are super buttery. I love that in a shimmer shadow. It makes me very happy.
There are really nice colours I can see as a transition shade -  Unity, Lure & even Sphere would look really nice in the crease.
- The bright colours aren't so offensive after all. Sphere is actually really nice. As you can see by the swatch, it isn't as bright as it looks, and I am really excited to incorporate this into an eye look. When I'm feeling brave one day..
- I can actually see myself wearing this green.. lol.
- Ok, so Lure is an upgraded version of Buon Fresco. Buon Fresco is one of my fave shades. This is slightly darker, and more pigmented and as I've hit pan on Buon Fresco, it's kinda like my replacement for that.

Go. Buy. This. Palette.

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