5 March 2019

Trying The New Lipstick Queen Rear View Mirror Lip Lacquers!

I have been trying out the Lipstick Queen new Rear View Mirror Lip Lacquers for a few weeks now!
I have always been a huge fan of Lipstick Queen lipstick formula's, so was so excited to see they were coming out with a new formula!

The packaging is to die for! It's so refreshing and nice to see something so different and innovative when it comes to packaging.
I have been trying out the shades Fast Car Coral and Little Nude Coupe. They are priced at £22 each.

They are inspired from the shine of a car, which is SO interesting. They provide a really high shine, a long wearing coverage and also full of Vitamin E to act as an antioxidant for your lips!

Here are them swatched. They really do provide a high shine!
I am usually not a fan of high shine lipsticks, only because I find them super sticky, and not comfortable to wear.
This formula glides on so easily and stays smooth all day. When I initially applied it, I was shocked with how effortlessly it applied, but also how good the coverage was for one application.
Longevity of the lipstick is good, lasting a couple of hours! As it's not drying at all, there is some transfer so repplication is needed to keep the high shine!
I love how this formula is not completely matte, and not a 'lip gloss' type of formula, it's somewhat in between!

Here is me wearing little nude coupe, I paired it with a darker lip liner, and LOVED this combination. Light nudes usually don't suit me, but I found this super wearable.

What's your fave lip combo these days? Let me know if you've tried any Lipstick Queen formulaes!

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