16 July 2018

£4 Anastasia Soft Glam Palette Dupe!

I have been so unmotivated to make blog posts lately, but when I saw the incredible similarities between these two palettes, I was suddenly motivated again!

So we all know Revolution is a great, affordable brand - and their dupes are incredible. This palette named the 'velvet rose' palette speaks Anastasia Soft Glam to me. The Velvet Rose palette is £4. Soft glam? £43.

Here's some swatches of both palettes. The first swatch from the bottom is the original Anastasia palette, the second swatch is the Revolution palette.

Pretty similar! (Sorry that one of the shades doesn't show up on my skin at ALL).

Um so these were the closest in colour out of the entire palette, and they were the glitter shades. The texture of both the palettes were very very similar too, except for the gold on the end - the Revolution one was more chunky!

The matte colours in the Revolution palette here are definitely a different colour, and not as pigmented as the Anastasia ones. Gold is pretty similar.

The only one that matches here is the last cool tone shades, but very similar!

The Revolution palette has 15 shades, while the ABH one only has 14, so there's an extra brown in there!

Overall, this Revolution palette is very similar to the ABH one. With the ABH palette, you're paying a high end price for the butteriness, the pigmentation and the overall popularity of the brand. However, if you don't feel like spending that amount of money on a palette, you will definitely be able to create the same/similar look with the Revolution Velvet Rose palette!

Let me know if you want to see me do a look with both palettes on each eye. At the moment, the palette is only available on the Revolution website (and isn't in Superdrug) here.

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  1. Iv seen this dupe ho round for a while! I love abh pallets! Defo gona try and get my hands on one 💖💖 thanks again for the post 💖💖 @beautybyanniie xx


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