6 April 2018

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette VS Revolution Rose Gold Palette

This is gonna be a pretty short post. I own both of these. One is £56, and another is £8.

Here are the palettes:

They look strikingly similar. So I swatched them:

These are the mattes, and one shimmer. The Revolution palette has 2 less shades than the HB one, but they're VERY similar.

The HB feel more luxurious, they swatch slight better and hey, they were the OG's.

These are the glitters. One thing to note is that the textured glitters in the HB palette, although very very similar in colour, the texture and feel of the glitters are absolutely different. The textured glitters in the HB palette are so unique, that it makes the palette worth it!

But yes - exactly the same otherwise lol.

The HB Rose Gold is being discontinued, so if you didn't get your hands on it, the cheaper alternative of the Revolution palette is nice. Personally I really like the HB Rose Gold as I like the textured glitters, but the revolution is also good!

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