14 November 2017

Enchanted Woodland.

20 DM's later about this place, I thought I'd write this post and share some of the pictures. This magical place we went to is called Enchanted Woodland in Syon Park. It's on only 3 weeks in November.

I went last year, and second time round, it does noooot get old. It's a secret place which is much better than Winter Wonderland.

Everyone loves Winter Wonderland, but that can get pretty repetitive. This is a 1+ mile walk full of lovely magical lit up features. It's quite literally lit. -_-

It's a walk around Syon Park, which has a castle & a beautiful conservatory. These are lit up and have light shows.

There's also a BBQ outside, and an indoor food area which sells jacket potatoes, chips & other great stuff.

Adult prices were £10 each which is definitely worth it!

Bye. :)

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