31 October 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Products Review

Anyone who knows me, knows my favourite make up brand is Charlotte Tilbury. Most of my friends ask me for my opinion when shopping in CT, so I thought I'd write a short review on every product I own. 

In this post, I'll write a small review on the following: 

- CT matte revolution in Bond girl, Walk of Shame and Birkin Brown 
- CT the retoucher concealer in shade 4 medium 
- CT mini miracle eye wand in shade 3 
- CT full fat lashes mascara
- CT legendary lashes mascara 
- CT dolce vita palette 
- CT eyes to mesmerise eyeshadow cream in Bette 
- CT colour chameleon eyeshadow stick in Champagne Diamonds 
- CT magic foundation in shade 7 
- CT magic cream 
- CT goddess skin clay mask 

I think that's everything I own.. I get a bit carried away.  

From left to right: Birkin Brown, Walk of Shame, Bond Girl

Matte revolution lipsticks - these are the prettiest shades. Bond girl is my fave - I have two. Birkin Brown is probably the nicest deep brown colour I own, and walk of shame is a nice Coral/red shade. 
Staying power - for a lipstick, it's quite good. Matte lipsticks, of course, aren't as good as liquid lipsticks - I would say these are on the same level as MAC lipsticks for staying power. 

Left to right: Mini miracle eye wand in shade 3, The retoucher concealer in shade 4 medium.
I first purchased the retoucher, which is the creamiest concealer ever. This concealer is so good for blemishes, pigmentation + it matches pretty well with my skin. I usually put this as a 'base' concealer under my eyes along with on any blemishes + use another lighter concealer under my eyes to highlight. It works really well for covering pigmentation, however wouldn't be the best for highlighting. I have also tried this in a lighter shade, but for my skin tone, the mini miracle eye wand in shade 3 worked better for highlighting. 

The mini miracle eye wand comes with the eye cream on one side, which you apply under the eyes. I find that, you have to use this part while prepping your skin, so I apply with my moisturiser and primer, and wait 5 - 10 minutes before applying the second concealer part. 

Both are pretty good - if I had to pick one, I'd choose the retoucher. 

Left to right: full fat lashes mascara & legendary lashes mascara 

I love love love the legendary lashes mascara. It really thickens + makes the lashes long! It's definitely in my top 5 mascara's. I only have a small size as they were giving them out when they opened the Westfield branch. But I will definitely be repurchasing. As for the full fat lashes - this does nothing for me :(. This is probably my least favourite product from CT.

Eye products! This is a swatch of all the shiny eye things I own: 

Left to right: colour chameleon eye shadow stick in Champagne Diamonds, Eyes to mesmerise eye cream in Bette & the four shades in the dolce vita palette. 
The first is the colour chameleon eye shadow stick in champagne diamonds. This is a silvery shade with silver glitter. I own nothing like this, in any other palettes. It is beautiful. They say that this is for blue eyes.. and other colours are for other eye colours, which I kind of dislike. My eyes are brown and I really liked this. I think that anyone could use any of the colours they sell, for any eye colour.. but I guess it's a good guide for some people. It's got good staying power and it's great for a pop of colour. The best thing is, this is so so easy to use! It's also very quick, so great if you're in a rush. I will definitely be purchasing more colours. 

The eyes to mesmerise eye cream in Bette is such a lovely golden shade. Again, very easy and quick to use & best applied with your fingers. It stays on for a long time. I can insert a picture of it here.. 

It didn't pick up how gold it is in real life, but this is what it looks like all over the lid. 

The dolce vita palette. I am in love. I can't get enough of this. Here's a picture with me using the dolce vita. 

The colours are so pigmented. The only thing is I find that I need to use a lot of gold to achieve the look I want, so that's finishing quite fast - more than the other 3 shades, and again, I find the best way to get it this pigmented is to use your fingers. But, it is amazing.

My well loved magic foundation. This is my go to foundation - I use this everyday & for special occasions. For everyday, I use about half a pump all over my face. When I need more coverage, a full pump. It's pretty high coverage - which I don't feel like I need, but it stays on pretty much all day & it's so versatile.  

Urgh, I wish I did not love this. This is the ONLY moisturiser that has worked for my skin. Normally, most moisturisers tend to break me out, clog up my skin, leave me looking oily & make my make up slip off. I received this as a small sample, which I used. Throughout the day, I kept noticing how good my skin looked, but completely forgot I had used this. I finished the sample and then realised I needed this in my life. It's such a good make up base, and improves your skin with or without make up. It's such a luxurious product so it is NOT cheap. But there's a reason for that.. it's literally magic (cheesy). 

As you can see, I haven't really purchased this.. but only because the lovely lady gave me 4 sachets which I've not got through yet. Again, another skin product my skin slowly can't live without. 
It basically does everything it claims to: it lifts, smooths, brightens & tightens pores. When you put this on, it doesn't feel like a normal mask. It doesn't dry to a hard mask or tingle. It's just basically very soft, like butter all over your face. It's not like any mask I have tried before. It also smells lovely. You notice results the following day after applying this. I remember just thinking I had really good skin the day after I applied this. After this sachet is finished, CT will be taking another £45 from me for this. 

As you can tell, I am a major fan of most products. I tried to do an all in one review so this may not be as descriptive as you guys need, but if you have any questions at all, let me know & I'll be happy to answer. :) byeeee. 

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