I've been trying this concealer for about 2 weeks now, and it's fast become my favourite concealer alongside the previous one I spoke about on my blog!

The Huda Beauty Overachiever concealer is £23. You can purchase it here!

It comes in 20 shades, ranging from very light to very dark -the shade range on this is fab. I went for the shade Sugar Biscuit!

I initially thought this was a really small tube for a concealer, but it has the same amount of product that a usual concealer has! So nothing to worry about there.

One of my favourite things about this concealer is the application tip. It is so different from any other concealer I use, and at first I thought it was a gimmick. That it's supposedly meant to de-puff your eyes. Um, I was wrong. It's actually such a cooling tip, that your eyes feel really refreshed! I actually love how it feels haha.

This concealer is pigmented - really pigmented. You honestly need one swipe for medium coverage, and about 2 for full full coverage.

Then when it's on, it does not budge all day. Like at alllll. It will stay on with no creases for more than 12+ hours!

Here's me wearing it!

This was really short but sweet, but honestly, you can't go wrong with this concealer!

30 October 2018

Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer Review.

Here's my review on the Colourpop Zodiac collection by Kathleen Lights.  You can purchase it here for $18!

I have to admit, I was absolutely obsesssssed with the theme of this palette. Zodiac signs are my jam, so I knew I'd get this without even looking at the shades inside! I was really interested to see how Kathleen organised these according to Zodiac signs!

I noticed, she categorised the Zodiac signs into their elements:
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

& how amazing, they perfectly are in a column in the palette!

Here are the swatches of the palette! First off, I don't have a palette like this in my collection already! I have a few repeatable shades, like the browns, oranges and purples, but no palette with all these shades all together!

Kathleen did a great job with the shades, when categorised to their elements. The fire signs are all really orange and warm and firey, whilst the earth signs are really muddy and earthy, and of course the water signs has that one amazing blue 'The Pisces'. 

My 3 fave colours are, The Libra, The Cancer & The Gemini! (Unfortunately my own sign The Virgo, didn't make the cut because it's boring af - a bit like me!)

The Gemini is a really unique gold - although it's a typical 'gold' shade it's not a warm toned gold, it's like a cool toned gold with a green/olive finish! Alongside that, it's got a really buttery, smooth finish - a lot smoother than the other shimmer shades!

Let's talk about that black shade - The Capricorn! When I first saw it, I was like oh great, another Black with glittter, I've seen that soooo many times before! But no, it actually has these really amazing different coloured glitters in it, and I can admit I do not have this shade in my collection. I'm actually real excited to drown my eyes in that shade completely!

The pisces - that really bright obnoxious blue that I will probably never use - as blue just is not my colour. Urgh, what a shame!! I love love love the finish and the feel of that shade, it's again not like the other shades as it's a lot thicker and chunkier - I think you can tell just by the swatches above, it's beautiful, I just wish Colourpop do more colours in that finish real soon!

Here's me being blinded by the sun, but also showing off a look I made with this palette, specifically with The Scorpio shade!

I think you could make some really nice and different looks with this palette! They may all run in a particular direction, i.e. very orange, very blue or very brown, but I'm so impressed with the theme of this palette, and highly recommend it!

Mehreen x

29 October 2018

Colourpop Zodiac Palette Review!

I picked up a few bits from the Halloween collection, something I wouldn't normally do as I know apart from around this time of year, you normally can't use Halloween edition make up products! But because Revolution is super inexpensive, I of course thought why not!

I targeted this review on a non Halloween outlook. These products are no doubt amazing for Halloween and for your costumes and make up, as they are super innovative and creative shades. But what happens in 2 days time when Halloween is over?! Can you still use these products or will they just be collecting dust in your make up collection?

So I picked up things I thought I could POSSIBLY use after Halloween:

The Under Your Spell Palette for £6. Purchase here.
The Beautiful Darkness Palette for £6. Purchase here. 
The Revolution Haunted Highlighter in Lover's Wrath £5. - This link is for Superdrug, I think this shade may be exclusive to Superdrug!

They also have 3 for 2 on Halloween products at the moment!

So let's start with the highlight. First of all, not only is the packaging super nice, I feel like the colour I chose is something I usually love to wear in highlighters. I absolutely love highlighters with a pink/purple shift, and this doesn't disappoint! It's a lovely shade, good quality and lasts all day long.

I wasn't too keen on the other shades, they had a highlight that shifts green, which I wasn't fond of, and another plain white one, but if you want to get anything that may last you longer than Halloween, it's definitely the Lover's wrath highlighter as it's super wearable. For £5 - you can't go wrong.

The Beautiful Darkness Palette is really creative. There's a really good colour story, and of course very Halloween themed.

I especially love the cool toned shades in this palette, especially Apparation, Posessed and Nightmare. I do feel like I don't have these shades in my collection at the moment, but also Apparation doesn't need to be such a big pan - I would have preferred more colours than bigger pans! (I usually say this about most Revolution palettes that do different sized pans in a palette).

Horror is a super nice purple colour, that I'm also a huge fan of!

The shimmers in this palette are drier and more flakey than usual - you definitely need a wet brush to apply them smoothly.

Lastly, I definitely believe you would need another palette to finish off a look with this palette, which brings me on to:

The Under Your Spell palette!

The perfect partner to the Beautiful Darkness palette. Together, you can create SO many looks!

I especially love the shade Voodoo Doll, and I actually wore just this shade all over the lid - as I'm really into lilac at the moment!

The other shades in this palette, are super wearable. Where the Beautiful darkness didn't have an inner corner and brow bone highlight, the shade Enchanted could work perfectly for that reason!
I think the whole bottom row would also be perfect for summer too!

These shimmers are a lot more smoother than in the Beautiful Darkness palette too!

So do I think these palettes are worth it? Yes, you will get use out of these specific products that I chose after Halloween, but are also so nice to dress up with!

Let me know if you picked up any, and how you created looks with them!

Revolution Halloween Collection Review!

Charlotte Tilbury has released some new complexion products. YAY. As a huge fan of her Retoucher concealer, I didn't know how she would top that one, and same with her Genius Magic Powder. I'm a HUGE fan of her Air Brush Flawless Filter pressed powder, and that's all I thought I needed! But here's my opinion on both the products!

P.s. both these items were gifted to me (thank you!), however all views are of course my own!

Magic Away Concealer

Let's start with the Magic Away concealer, pls.

The shade range - there are 16 shades in the range, which range from very light to very dark - so overall a really well balanced shade range. I've been using shade 6!

Magic Away concealer claims to reduce the appearance of blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation and fine lines - all that and also claims to be full coverage that lasts up to 15 hours. I can happily say the concealer does all that. It is SO long lasting, and does not budge the WHOLE day, whilst also not feeling like a full coverage concealer!

One thing I absolutely LOVE about this concealer, is that my mascara does not transfer onto it, I have a lot problems with this with other concealers, so I'm so happy I have finally found one that really doesn't allow mascara transfer.

I notice that most of our under eyes are obviously really dehydrated and dry, and this concealer just hydrates the under eye, whilst also brightening that area. It's just a really lovely formula, and although it's full coverage, it still looks like skin. You also don't need a lot to get full coverage, I normally use 2 swipes. I also love the application tip, as it disperses concealer evenly all over the under eye. This is definitely my new go to concealer!

So what if you have the retoucher concealer? Do you need this? I find the retoucher concealer is better to conceal spots and pigmentation scarring - the tip of the retoucher concealer is perfect for that! But the new Magic Away concealer is AMAZING for your under eye.

What makes it magic?
The Magic Away concealer contains:
- Persian silk tree bark extract - this improves the appearance of dark circles!
- Palmitoyl Glycine - this reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps the skin retain water.
- Extract of wild indigo - this is used in Ayurvedic tradition to enhance skin's brightness and luminosity!

You can purchase it here for £24. Super affordable for a great concealer. 

Genius Magic Powder

Loose powders do not excite me. I've used the same loose powder for about a year now, and can NEVER tell the difference between it. I also have baking issues, and hardly ever even set my under eyes with a powder, because it can start looking cakey as my under eyes are genuinely quite dry.

So when I got this, I was thinking it would have to be a lot different to a normal loose powder to blow me away, and yep.. it is.

First off, this is the perfect combination for the Magic Away concealer! It does not dry the under eye and look caked AT ALL, and actually is the only powder I've used to significantly brighten my under eye. For all over the face, it leaves your skin with a blurring effect, and also holds your make up in place ALL day.

It comes in 3 shades, which is great because most loose powders only come in one shade, so it's great for different skin tones! I've been using shade 2 - medium!

I think the reason this powder is so good, is because Charlotte has cleverly stayed away from Talc in this product! It's made of 99% natural raw ingredient.

Another ingredient in the Genius Magic Powder is the Silky Mica - which gives a brightening effect, and you really do see that as soon as you've applied it!

Spherical silica gives that blurring effect I just spoke about, but also reduces shine from natural oils!

It also contains:
- Tsubaki Oil - which is a traditional Japanese oil that softens skin.
- Squalane - which is a natural Olive Oil that contributes to the skin's protective barrier.
- Veggie Powder - which is used instead of Talc!

I've never found a powder that doesn't make me feel dry, and although this powder would be great for all skin types, it would be especially useful for dry skin, as it definitely doesn't dry you further.

Not to forget the tub it comes in, it has a really unique opening, to dispense powder as evenly as you need it to!

You can buy this here for £33!

Both products were a real hit to me, and were really different to anything on the market at the moment, especially the powder! Let me know if you have tried them, and how you get on! <3

26 October 2018

Charlotte's Magic Away Concealer & Genius Magic Powder Review!

So the lovely house of deluxe hooked me up with this amazing graffiti bag which is all the rage at the moment! They come in a range of colours and jazz up an outfit instantly!

I own it in a lovely pink colour!

 & a lovely black too! I love them boooth. My fave thing about this bag is that it comes with a removable strap so you can either hold it, or wear it as a crossbody!

If you purchase, tag me in your outfits so I see how you wear this bag!

25 October 2018

My New Bag!

There's hardly anyone who owns the original JH palette that I know who dislikes it. So when Jaclyn Hill announced she was releasing all the shades she couldn't put in her original palette, everyone was here for it. We all know the original batches were recalled, and even after this was set straight, people still hated the formula. Surely, for a reliable trusted brand, Morphe's formula can't be that different compared to palettes they've previously released? Hmmm.

The only two palettes I was interested in was the Ring The Alarm palette and the Bling Boss palette. The other two palettes I knew I wouldn't get much use out of, at all! 

These two palettes are perfectly curated, especially the Bling Boss palette -this palette looked so unique for my collection.. but let's move on to the swatches! 

Firstly is the Bling Boss palette, meh. The mattes don't swatch very well! Sparks was a really poor swatch & rockstar is so patchy, especially on the eye when you tried to blend it out.

The shimmers, meh. They're not as creamy and smooth and 'shiny' as other Morphe palettes I've used are.

I do really enjoy the shade Hush Hush, on darker skin tones it built up REALLY nicely, and I definitely feel I will get a lot of use from that shade.

Next, the Ring The Alarm palette - patchy AF. Firstly, I believe I can truly dupe every single one of these shades from other palettes I own, so not very unique (although nicely curated in one single palette), and then for the mattes to be so patchy, it just annoyed me. 

There's also too many similar shades in this palette. We don't need the shade Alert as well as Mugshot as well as Rush, and quite honestly, I'm finding it hard to see a difference between the shade 'Framed' and 'Secret'. 

Personally, I feel these shades didn't make her original palette for a reason. They are 'rejects' and if they didn't make the cut for her original palette, they shouldn't have made the cut for other palettes!

In all honestly, Morphe has better performing palettes than these. I'd stay away and I'm pretty sure all these colours can be duped from other palettes.

Some of my faves that I haven't mentioned (yet) are the 15N palette & 35B palette!

The 15N took me by surprise and was such a good palette, & the 35B was so unique for Morphe, not just 30 different shades of brown, finally!

Let me know if you had any luck with these palettes if you've tried, and did I just get a dodgy batch?

17 October 2018

My Opinion on the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Collection

I was very lucky to try the Intense Range from Grow Gorgeous! I'm always on the lookout for products to better my hair, especially as I have very thin, fine hair! It's also very oily, and not in the best of states!

One thing I notice with my hair and many products is that my hair becomes an out of control frizz, so I was very excited to try out the range. You can purchase it here, from the Grow Gorgeous site!

The products I received were the Hair Density Shampoo and conditioner,  the thickening hair and scalp mask, and the Hair Growth Serum. Not to forget the lovely coffee Grow Gorgeous gave me (they clearly know about my coffee addiction).

So let's go through the items individually.

First is the Hair Density Shampoo and conditioner. This stuff not only smells great, but gets rid of grease and dirt like never before. The consistency of the shampoo  is a lot different to other shampoos I've used. It's a lot thicker, but still comes out very easily!

Next, you double condition with this thickening hair & scalp mask! This also feels really lovely on your hair, and sort of sinks in! There's so much product too, it's lasted me well over a month!

Lastly, the most unique product out the range - a hair growth serum. I love how this can be used on your scalp in the morning or evening and dries to nothing! I have definitely noticed a visible difference in the thickness of my hair due to this product. I love the ease of the dropper application too!

So, does the grow gorgeous range work? Yes. My hair has always been pretty fine and thin, and after using this for about a month now, I've noticed a visible difference in the healthiness of my hair! I'd highly recommend this range, if you want your hair to grow out from a bad haircut quickly, if your hair is pretty fine, and if you just want your hair to be healthier. If you want to invest in your hair, I'd definitely recommend this - they have some great bundles on the site. Guys! It's also fixed my frizz issues.

Purchase the range here.

16 October 2018

Grow Gorgeous - Does it grow your hair?

So over the past month or so, I've been reviewing a really lovely fragrance Superdrug sent over! 

I've always been a fan of Juicy Couture, and Viva La Juicy does not disappoint! 

The packaging is so lovely, and looks amazing on your beauty desk!

Superdrug do amazing perfumes, and this one is definitely one of them! Be sure to grab yours ASAP here! 

10 October 2018

Need a New Smell?

Let's first celebrate that this order was my first order where I was not robbed by customs with colourpop! YAAAAAY. Dreams can come true. Although you pay taxes on the site, it's definitely not as much as Royal Mail were charging me for customs and every single item I got! & for this fact, the deliver was bloody quick!! I ordered this on the 28th September, and it came on the 9th October. Normally my orders take about 4+ weeks! I was shook. 

Overall - this palette looks better in person than in real life. 

My fave shades - Enchanted rose, beast & Juju. The amount of pink palettes I own, I don't have anything as nice as the shade Juju!!!!! 

Tritan is also more pigmented than I thought it was going to be, and all shades blended like a dream. 

The shade Thingamabob scares me a little, but hopefully I'll be able to incorporate it somehow! 

Can I also add, the shade names make me SO happy. 

A lot of these shades I don't have in my collection already, so I'm really surprised!

Here's one look I created - a really pink look! 

& a very purple look. 

Overall, this palette is amazing, whether you don't have anything from Colourpop, or do have loads from Colourpop, nows your chance to get this! 

P.s. I have a secret that I'm too embarrassed to publicly promote yet. If you made it this far, you can click here to see how I made these looks. Leave me a comment/subscribe loves to let me know you reached this far haha! 

9 October 2018

Disney Designer Eyeshadow Palette Collection Review!

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