Hi all! So I managed to FINALLY get my hands on the James Charles so I'm ready for this review! I actually managed to get hold of the palette through the Cult Beauty website! I joined the waitlist through the Cult Beauty site, and they actually didn't even promote that they had the palettes in stock! So if you want to find out when this comes back in stock, your best option is to join the waitlist on the Cult Beauty site (I kept missing the waitlist for the Morphe site!)

Let's start with swatches. Just to let you know I did live swatches on my YouTube channel, that I'll link here! Please subscribe if you can.

There are some FAB shades in this palette. The names aren't written on the palette, which is a bit annoying, but I guess that's not the BIGGEST deal.

My main concern is the INCONSISTENCY between the formulae of this palette! Some shades swatched so terribly, and really needed building up, whilst some swatched great the first time. That is kind of really annoying, because you'll have to work with different shades in the palette, differently. It does really annoy me because if all the shades needed to be builded up, I could learn to do that! But then, one shade in here will just be really good and it'll ruin my whole look! I don't know if this makes sense, but in my head it does lols. 

So for example, shades that are patchy af:
 - Brother 
- Bee 
- Spooky 
- and 70% of the palette 

Shades that swatch BEAUTIFULLY: 
- You're Kidding 
- Love that

 This is ANNOYING. I'm really obssessed with this palette, and the shades are so pretty, but I'm really not loving the formula - which makes me sad! I wish they all just swatched and perfomed on the eye slightly better! I've never had issues like that with other Morphe palettes, except maybe the Jaclyn Hill Vault palettes.  

The other thing I noticed was that the shimmers are very very basic. There was no shimmer that stood out to me except the purple shade 'Artistry'. That shade was AMAZING. If all the shimmers in this form were the same as the purple shimmer, I'd be OVER THE MOON. But it's sad only one shimmer was made to that formula :( 

The top two rows are very 'basic and neutral' - but I can think of better palettes with these shades in 1000 times over. 

If you're someone who wants to get into colourful looks and aren't really into eye shadows at the moment - this palette probably isn't for you. The formula for this palette will probably take a long long time to figure out :( and I'm so sad I have to write that. However, if you're a pro at eyeshadows and looks, you can most likely get this palette to work!

Application on the eye of this palette represents the swatches. Some shades are a dream, and some just aren't :( To get the colour you'd want you have to build up quite a lot. There's a lot of fall out but if you're used to fall out then that's not your biggest problem! 

Overall, it's quite an affordable palette for 39 shades so it makes up for the shade formula not being all there. If you want to try more colourful looks, this might be your palette - just be prepared to work with this palette more than you thought you would! 

23 January 2019

Morphe x James Charles Palette Review & Swatches

Hi all! So I did promise I would start more of these this year & that's exactly what I'm doing! I've linked my fave outfits from this month, with some links when I can! Let me know for my next month if you want me to add more things/do things differently! 

Jumper - Brandy Melville Soho 
Skirt (similar) - Topshop (different colours)
Thigh High Boots - H&M 

Dress - I Saw It First (They also have it in a bodycon shape too!) 
Thigh High Boots - I Saw It First 

Shirt - Zara Sale (They only have large left, so your best option is in store!) 
Jeans - Topshop Joni Jeans 
Shoes - Dior Sweet D 

Jumper - Zara Sale (try in store!) 
Trainers - Nike Air Max 95 

Shoes - Gianvito Rossi 

Cardigan - I Saw It First 

Jumper Dress - Femme Luxe 

My fave item of clothing this month has to be this Holland Cooper Coat! It was kindly gifted to me by them, but I LIVE IN IT. It's super warm for this time of the year and I highly recommend you to invest in an INSULATED coat. Life is just so much better then! 

Loves xx

22 January 2019

January Lookbook!

So a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this new Instagram page called The Knot Churros! It hadn't opened yet but I was eagerly waiting for their opening, because the concept looked insaaane! 

You're greeted by a really cool looking FLOWER CEILING, and the cutest little backdrop ever!

It was my first time meeting the lady behind the concept -Anita, who was absolutely lovely and had all hands on deck!

We got a latte, and a hot chocolate, and both were delicious!

They do Churros, different coloured lattes, milkshakes and an abundance of candy floss! I don't really know many places that do churros in London (apart from the seasonal Winter Wonderland), so this is super cool! You can now get Churros all year round, yaay!

Look at all them sprinkles!
Overall, this place is definitely one to watch, and one to visit if you're in the area. It's conveniently placed very close to South Kensington station! Let them know I sent you xxx

6 January 2019

The Knot Churros - New Instagrammable Cafe?

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