Over the last few weeks, I've decided to grow a Revolution collection. I initially had my eye on their concealer and foundation stick, but when unleashed to their full collection, a lot of their products caught my eye.

Here, I'll tell you what I really recommend from their range. All the products I have here, is not everything I purchased, just some of my faves, alongside a small review!

I'll start with the Revolution products, then go onto Revolution Pro.

I wrote about the I Heart Makeup Revolution Rose Gold palette already, here. I included swatches and similarities between the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette, and I was somewhat shocked at the outcome, so make sure you have a look. Overall, this palette is definitely worth it if you didn't get the chance to get the HB rose gold, as that's now discontinued. You can purchase this palette here.

Can we take a minute to appreciate these beauties? Both times I've used these products I've been stopped to ask what I'm wearing.. numerous times a day. They are bloody amazing! They're called Flawless foils, and can be applied wet with the intensifying primer that comes with it, or dry. I used them wet. The only qualm I had with this product was it came with no instructions, so I didn't know how to use it lol. At first, I put the intensifying primer on my eyelid and then tried to put the shadow on top.. but that didn't work! So then I realised I had to put the intensifying primer on my brush, and then dip my brush into the product.. at least.. that's how I think it's meant to be applied! Whatever though, this product is amazing.

The colours here are Rival and Retreat.

The Revolution X Soph Palette. I recently started watching Sophie on Youtube, and I found out one of her shades are named after Taylor Swift's songs, and of course I fell in love with her instantly and went and bought her palette. Apart from that, this palette Soph created is AMAZING. There are so so so many different types of looks you can create with this shade range, I can't believe how good it is!

This Revolution palette is lovely. It's called the Reloaded palette and was one of the early purchases of my Revolution haul. As much as I like it and will still use it, I don't think it's a necessity as Revolution have a lot more fun palettes than this one! But if you're looking for something like this, it's great as the pan size is huge. As you can see. the orange shade broke. My own fault.. as I was taking a picture of all my palettes.. I tried to carry all of my make up back to my make up station at once, and dropped EVERYTHING. Luckily, the orange shade was the only product to take a hit.

Yep, the hype is real around the Fast Base Foundation Stick. My shade is F8, and I really like this for a day to day foundation stick for only £5. I'd advise to use a good primer for a long lasting effect!

If you've not heard about this product, you're living under a rock. These are sold out in most SuperDrug, it's hilarious.  Mine's shade C4. A lot of people are comparing to Tarte Shape Tape - I do love this product, but it's no Shape Tape!

& now onto Revolution Pro!

Revolution Pro Rose Gold 4K Highlighter Palette. This is bloody worth the £8. The glow is reaaaaaal. The shades are fun, and I preferred the shades to this more than the Gold highlighter palette!

While we're on the topic of highlighters, the Revolution Pro Supreme Highlighter in Metals is just as good. I really liked the shades of this one, but there are 3 others to choose from! They are lovely!

Revolution pro have brought out a lot of palettes with names on it recently, and I could not decide which one to go for. They're called Regeneration palettes, and this one is in Goldmine! The reason I decided on this one is for the Blue, and I don't have these shades in one palette. The other palettes I felt like were palettes I usually always go for.. but this one was slightly different. So I went for it!

So these smaller palettes caught my eye a lot. I was stood in Superdrug undecided on which palette out of this range (which is called Supreme eyeshadow) to go for. At one point, I nearly picked them all up, but controlled myself! I went for the Bewitch Palette as it had the most interesting shimmers! I really love this palette, as it looks pretty and the colours are amazing. (I failed at taking a nice picture of the palette, so heres the swatches with the palette in the background). One thing I noticed about the last colour in the palette was that it had a very gold overspray over it.. but when actually used it was this dusty green shade with gold glitter in it (the last swatch on my hand). I was a bit shocked as I was trying to make a gold halo eye, but hey.. it's still nice.

Foundation Drops in Shade F10. I prefer this formula over the Foundation Stick, it's amazing. I actually bought this before the 'heatwave' and now I'm too tanned for it.. so I'll be going back for a shade darker!

The Foundation Mixer Lightening drops have potential! I used this with my Huda Beauty foundation which is ridiculously dark for me.. and it lightened it right up! I'm so glad I bought this, and for £6 it's so affordable compared to other lightening drops on the market!

Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigments. Oh my gosh. I have about 7 of these (but I couldn't find the others for the picture) and I am OBSESSED. There is no other formula like this in drugstore that I could ever compare this to. It's AMAZING. I haven't stopped wearing these since I purchased them. And for £4? Stop. They're super pigmented yet don't flake and don't feel caked on the lips! They take a while to dry down, but when they do.. they do not budge. And they have SoOoOoOo many shades. I tried the Revolution Luxe lip kits and was so disappointed in the formula of that, but don't fret - you need to get these guyz.

Wow, this was super long. But I hope it helps, please let me know if you want me to go into more depth on any of these products!
& Make sure you make use of Superdrug's promo that seems to be there most of the time of 3 for 2 Make up!

24 April 2018

What to Buy From Revolution!

This is gonna be a pretty short post. I own both of these. One is £56, and another is £8.

Here are the palettes:

They look strikingly similar. So I swatched them:

These are the mattes, and one shimmer. The Revolution palette has 2 less shades than the HB one, but they're VERY similar.

The HB feel more luxurious, they swatch slight better and hey, they were the OG's.

These are the glitters. One thing to note is that the textured glitters in the HB palette, although very very similar in colour, the texture and feel of the glitters are absolutely different. The textured glitters in the HB palette are so unique, that it makes the palette worth it!

But yes - exactly the same otherwise lol.

The HB Rose Gold is being discontinued, so if you didn't get your hands on it, the cheaper alternative of the Revolution palette is nice. Personally I really like the HB Rose Gold as I like the textured glitters, but the revolution is also good!

6 April 2018

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette VS Revolution Rose Gold Palette

When I first saw this, I was really excited that Charlotte Tilbury was coming out with a new foundation.. and then I realised, it's not a foundation. :(

I was super upset, seeing as her Magic Foundation is my holy grail.. and realised this was some sort of highlight in a bottle or something?

It's called the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter 'Complexion Booster' & here's what the website says:

'Discover a brand new REVOLUTIONARY category in face makeup with the Hollywood Flawless Filter. This MUST-HAVE customisable complexion booster has the versatility of a face primer, with the mega-watt glow of a highlighter and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter. Choose your level of GLOW with filter makeup to illuminate your skin just where you want it for a radiant complexion.'

The first thoughts of mine were, nah not going to work. I'm mega mega oily - I produce my own damn glow, this is totally not going to work. Although I assumed this would be pretty good for normal to dry skin?

A lady in the Covent Garden gave me a sample for the shade 5, but I asked for 4, as I had swatched them and shade 5 was very orange toned - I'm very olive, so I instantly knew that would give me some sort of orange hue. Shade 4 was slightly lighter than my normal shade, but because it's not a foundation and has an olive tone, the shade worked well. Here's the link for the Flawless Filter.

So, the way I've been using this, is like a primer, instead of a primer. I have many lovely highlighters that I use for my cheekbones, so I wasn't really interested in it as a cream highlight, but rather underneath my foundation, because I've never been wow'ed by a primer before.

I applied it with a foundation brush, which I found was the best way.. and the whole time, I was preparing myself to take it off due to my own silly preassumption. But oh my god, as soon as I applied it I fell in love. I can't even explain what this product does properly, because I actually think it's magic lol. It gives some light coverage and a 'healthy' glow even WITH my oily skin. I'd honestly wear this on a no make up day with nothing else, just to look a bit more awake.

Then I started applying my foundation, and yep.. it just made my foundation go on so much better than it ever has. It helps the foundation sink into your skin and blend really nicely. Just FYI, I've used all my favourite foundations with this (except my Huda Beauty foundation as that's very orange for my winter skin ATM), and all my foundations have improved with this. This includes my CT magic foundation, Hourglass foundation stick, L'oreal True Match and Makeup Revolution foundation stick.

So once applied, I did look very shiny, but that was easily fixed by setting my foundation (as I always do) with powder.

So here's some NON FILTERED PICTURES with the foundation and flawless filter applied:

This one is with the CT Magic Foundation.

This one is with my Hourglass Foundation.

So a few things I noticed the flawless filter did was:
- Smooth my skin.
- Give my skin a healthy glow.
- Make my foundation look flawless for longer throughout the day.
- Just make me feel overall fab huns.

Ya, this product is pricey, however.. theres 1oz of product, so it will last a good 6 months to a year, so
I totally think if you've not ever found a primer that shows you a visible difference.. get this. You will not regret it.

I LOVE and appreciate how there's 7 shades to this. This product is SO unique, and I'm so glad Charlotte realised one shade wouldn't work for everyone. I'm so loyal to Charlotte Tilbury, I can't believe I was so ready to dismiss this product, but of course, she does it again! Thanks darling (see what I did there?).

5 April 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter is Amazing!

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