I have been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera palette for a week now, and finally had some time to sit down and write my thoughts on this palette! 

This palette is SO refreshing to see from ABH! I think everyone was really ready for a colourful palette from ABH, and they did not disappoint! 

This palette contains some really interesting formulas!
It contains: 
- 5 normal matte shades 
- 3 pressed pigment matte shades 
- 2 duochromes 
- 4 metallics 

Firstly, I've never seen so many different formulas from ABH, so that's a great start! 

Here are the swatches! I've actually put up live swatches on my instagram @mehshake, if you want to check that out!

I wanted to run through the formulas one by one, and explain how they work, and the best way I found to use this palette. It doesn't have just the traditional fomulas in this palette, as it incorporates pressed pigments, so I think this would be helpful!


Initial thoughts: super buttery and are VERY similar to the traditional matte formula in other palettes.

Sails: the first matte shade which is a PURE matte white shades. Uh, I'm obsessed. I LOVE a good matte white shade for my base after a primer or concealer, and this is EXACTLY what I need. Especially when you're playing with colour, this shade is SUPER helpful.
Cabana: a matte mustard shade. Beautiful. This shade is super versatile, and can be used in the crease as well as all over the lid.
Estate: described as a soft pastel peachy pink, I'd say this runs more like a nude, which is a PERFECT transition shade!
Coastline: a matte pastel soft peach. Very similar to estate, but not quite. It's a few shades darker and although they're pretty similar, they're not the same! I feel like one of these could be replaced with a different colour matte, but I also am not complaining as it gives variety of the two 'pastel' shades!
Monte Carlo: a cool mid- toned pink. My fave shade in the palette so far. I'M OBSESSSSSED with cool toned pinks, and this palette just does it right! There's not many pinks in my collection like this one, and I am so happy with the uniqueness of this one!

Pressed Pigment Matte Shades

Initial thoughts: these pack a punch, but don't swatch very well! When applied to the eye, they need to be pressed down for maximum pay off, but also applied a few times to get the best application. They're not hard to work with at ALL, they just need to be applied differently. These shades are what takes this palette to 'artistry' level, but also if you're a beginner with eyeshadows, you'll get the hang of these formulas pretty quick, so no need to get overwhelmed! I must say, these do stain due to the nature of the pigment!

Bahamas: a matte hot pink! I don't have much to say but LOVE.
Cannes: a violet purple - this goes on so so so good with 2 applications. This shade all over the lid, with Bahamas in the crease is a LEWK.
Palm: a matte chocolate brown. This compliments alllll the shades so so so well! This shade was needed to bring all the shades together. LOVE.


Initial thoughts: love love love love love this. What I like about them is that they're not your usual duochrome shift colours. They are duos that I've never seen paired together with. When you own over 75 eyeshadow palettes, this is honestly appreciated.

Yacht: a duochrome mauvy taupe with a violet shift - OMG. When I swatched this, I have never seen a taupe compliment my skin so well before. The violet shift just makes it so so so good so if you have neutral to olive tones in your skin, you're going to love this one!
Seaside: a duochrome silver with a subtle blue shift - this pairs so well with so many shades in this palette and just gives me Riviera vibes. This is probably irrelevant but it reminds me of the outer packaging this palette comes in - the blue and white stripes. Norvina, is that what you were thinking with this shade? Pls confirm because am onto you and love you.


Initial thoughts: buttery as usual! One swipe gives you great pay off, and VERY happy with the metallic selection in this palette!

Seychelles: metallic aqua marine. This shade makes me step out my comfort zone. I never wear blue on my lids, but maybe I'll do it now ha.
Palmero: metallic jewel pink. Not your usual pink, more towards a red than a pink, but I'm OBSESSED. I do feel like I can dupe this shade very easily in my collection, but still a nice addition to have in this palette!
Inheritance: metallic true gold. This shade was needed. If the brights in this palette overwhelm you, this is GREAT. It makes this palette such a good travel palette, because you can VERY easily to a natural gold smokey eye, but also colour it up when you need to. Love.
Mediterranean: metallic sky blue. More of a purple blue, but I appreciate that. In the pan it looks like a sea blue to me, but this is more of a wearable blue that I would not be afraid to wear AT ALL.

Final Thoughts
One thing I LOVE about this palette, is that although I think it's great for artistry make up, you could actually really also achieve a one swipe make up look with nearly all of these shades. What I mean is that most shades you can use just one shadow, and it'll look SO good. Especially the pressed pigments which are really bright!
I also prefer this palette to the Morphe x James Charles palette - I didn't like the formula of that palette unfortunately, but if I had to pick out of both, I'd choose this one (albeit more expensive)!
It's such a great travel palette, because like I said you can create a neutral look, as well as a very colourful look! The colour combinations are absolutely endless with this one!

Let me know if you have any questions about this palette, and I'd love if you come check out my live swatches on Instagram! Byeee.

16 March 2019

Anastasia Beverly HIlls Riviera Palette Review!

This contains a gifted ad! Eyeko were kind enough to send me their mascara range to try out and I'm here to guide you through them! It can be so daunting when a brand has so many different mascaras, but also a blessing as there's so many different types to choose from!

So let's get started:

Skinny Brush Mascara £19

Long & Tall - purchase here!

This mascara is great for people with short lashes as the long and thin brush catches even the smallest of lashes! The bristles are dispersed for that particular reason, so if you have small inner lashes that are never caught with any brush, this is your guy.

Rock out & Lash Out £19 

Purchase here!

If your mascara tends to smudge, crumble and flake, this is the mascara for you! The gel like formula prevents this, but is still easy to remove. The guitar shaped brush is great for curling and thickening your lashes!

Fat Brush Mascara £19 

If volume is your thing when it comes to lashes, this is the mascara for you. It's actually fab at providing the most voluminous lashes! 

Sport Waterproof Mascara £19 

Purchase here!

This IS SO SO SO GOOD for a waterproof mascara. It does as it says, is great for swimming and the best thing about it? It's not even that hard to take off with a make up wipe!

Black Magic £19 

A personal fave of mine. When I look for a mascara, I look for something that curls my lashes. This actually provides a near 90 degree angle to my lashes. This has become one of my fave mascaras out the bunch! 

Lash Alert £19 

Purchase here

I saved one of the most innovative ones to last! So this is actually a treatment and mascara in one! It contains fibres to lenghten your lashes, but also has beeswax, shea butter, carnauba wax, silica, castor oil, caffeine to stimulate your lashes. 

Caffeine works wonders on hair growth, and if you're looking for something to look after your natural lashes as well as provide your volume, this is the guy for you!

Lastly, can we appreciate the most innovative thing I have used in a LONG TIME.

Eye Boost Serum £40 - purchase here.

So, an eye serum, but also a massage tool in one. The serum comes out, and is massaged in to your under eye. It's the nicest feeling EVER. I honestly come home, take my make up off and instantly use this. It's SO relaxing. I've never purchased an eye serum that is built in to actually massage into your skin. I've been using for about 2 weeks now, and am majorly impressed. My under eye appears smoother, brighter and softer, and honestly if you're looking for a new under eye treatment, this is definitely worth a try

I hope this helped, let me know if you have any questions!

* this post contains affiliate links!

12 March 2019

Eyeko Mascara Range! Which one is best for you?

I was invited down to the RW Perio clinic near Bond Street to try out the Polish & Perfect treatment!

The clinic is a private clinic, 7 minutes walk away from Bond Street! The address is:
RW Perio
Lister House
11-12 Wimpole Street

They do a range of treatments, so if Polish & Perfect isn't what you're after, have a look here for other treatments!

I was seen by Dr Reena Wadia, and what makes Reena different, is she's a gum specialist. I've never seen a gum specialist before, so she was so knowledgable and informative about my gums and general oral hygiene.

The appointment was split into three parts:
1) Assessment - Reena asked me about my previous dental health, along with what I do currently in terms of oral hygiene. I did explain I noticed my gums bleeding earlier today, which I never took notice of before!
2) Advice - Reena went through some great tips on how to better clean the gums and teeth. She diagnosed me with early gum disease, although pretty serious, it can be reversible. I'm so glad it was picked up now rather than later! She gave me some great tips on how to clean my teeth, in between my teeth, my toothbrush and even how to clean your tongue!
3) Airflow - The airflow is the polishing treatment that was used on my teeth. It's used to remove stains and polish your teeth. It was not uncomfortable at all, and my teeth instantly felt cleaner!

Overall, my experience at RW Perio was very pleasant, and SUPER useful, as she told me tips I've never been told before! If you're looking to improve your oral hygiene, and even have any specific concerns, this is your place!

5 March 2019

RW Perio Clinic!

I have been trying out the Lipstick Queen new Rear View Mirror Lip Lacquers for a few weeks now!
I have always been a huge fan of Lipstick Queen lipstick formula's, so was so excited to see they were coming out with a new formula!

The packaging is to die for! It's so refreshing and nice to see something so different and innovative when it comes to packaging.
I have been trying out the shades Fast Car Coral and Little Nude Coupe. They are priced at £22 each.

They are inspired from the shine of a car, which is SO interesting. They provide a really high shine, a long wearing coverage and also full of Vitamin E to act as an antioxidant for your lips!

Here are them swatched. They really do provide a high shine!
I am usually not a fan of high shine lipsticks, only because I find them super sticky, and not comfortable to wear.
This formula glides on so easily and stays smooth all day. When I initially applied it, I was shocked with how effortlessly it applied, but also how good the coverage was for one application.
Longevity of the lipstick is good, lasting a couple of hours! As it's not drying at all, there is some transfer so repplication is needed to keep the high shine!
I love how this formula is not completely matte, and not a 'lip gloss' type of formula, it's somewhat in between!

Here is me wearing little nude coupe, I paired it with a darker lip liner, and LOVED this combination. Light nudes usually don't suit me, but I found this super wearable.

What's your fave lip combo these days? Let me know if you've tried any Lipstick Queen formulaes!

This post includes a paid for advertorial and contains affiliate links!

Trying The New Lipstick Queen Rear View Mirror Lip Lacquers!

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