9 October 2018

Disney Designer Eyeshadow Palette Collection Review!

Let's first celebrate that this order was my first order where I was not robbed by customs with colourpop! YAAAAAY. Dreams can come true. Although you pay taxes on the site, it's definitely not as much as Royal Mail were charging me for customs and every single item I got! & for this fact, the deliver was bloody quick!! I ordered this on the 28th September, and it came on the 9th October. Normally my orders take about 4+ weeks! I was shook. 

Overall - this palette looks better in person than in real life. 

My fave shades - Enchanted rose, beast & Juju. The amount of pink palettes I own, I don't have anything as nice as the shade Juju!!!!! 

Tritan is also more pigmented than I thought it was going to be, and all shades blended like a dream. 

The shade Thingamabob scares me a little, but hopefully I'll be able to incorporate it somehow! 

Can I also add, the shade names make me SO happy. 

A lot of these shades I don't have in my collection already, so I'm really surprised!

Here's one look I created - a really pink look! 

& a very purple look. 

Overall, this palette is amazing, whether you don't have anything from Colourpop, or do have loads from Colourpop, nows your chance to get this! 

P.s. I have a secret that I'm too embarrassed to publicly promote yet. If you made it this far, you can click here to see how I made these looks. Leave me a comment/subscribe loves to let me know you reached this far haha! 

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