29 October 2018

Revolution Halloween Collection Review!

I picked up a few bits from the Halloween collection, something I wouldn't normally do as I know apart from around this time of year, you normally can't use Halloween edition make up products! But because Revolution is super inexpensive, I of course thought why not!

I targeted this review on a non Halloween outlook. These products are no doubt amazing for Halloween and for your costumes and make up, as they are super innovative and creative shades. But what happens in 2 days time when Halloween is over?! Can you still use these products or will they just be collecting dust in your make up collection?

So I picked up things I thought I could POSSIBLY use after Halloween:

The Under Your Spell Palette for £6. Purchase here.
The Beautiful Darkness Palette for £6. Purchase here. 
The Revolution Haunted Highlighter in Lover's Wrath £5. - This link is for Superdrug, I think this shade may be exclusive to Superdrug!

They also have 3 for 2 on Halloween products at the moment!

So let's start with the highlight. First of all, not only is the packaging super nice, I feel like the colour I chose is something I usually love to wear in highlighters. I absolutely love highlighters with a pink/purple shift, and this doesn't disappoint! It's a lovely shade, good quality and lasts all day long.

I wasn't too keen on the other shades, they had a highlight that shifts green, which I wasn't fond of, and another plain white one, but if you want to get anything that may last you longer than Halloween, it's definitely the Lover's wrath highlighter as it's super wearable. For £5 - you can't go wrong.

The Beautiful Darkness Palette is really creative. There's a really good colour story, and of course very Halloween themed.

I especially love the cool toned shades in this palette, especially Apparation, Posessed and Nightmare. I do feel like I don't have these shades in my collection at the moment, but also Apparation doesn't need to be such a big pan - I would have preferred more colours than bigger pans! (I usually say this about most Revolution palettes that do different sized pans in a palette).

Horror is a super nice purple colour, that I'm also a huge fan of!

The shimmers in this palette are drier and more flakey than usual - you definitely need a wet brush to apply them smoothly.

Lastly, I definitely believe you would need another palette to finish off a look with this palette, which brings me on to:

The Under Your Spell palette!

The perfect partner to the Beautiful Darkness palette. Together, you can create SO many looks!

I especially love the shade Voodoo Doll, and I actually wore just this shade all over the lid - as I'm really into lilac at the moment!

The other shades in this palette, are super wearable. Where the Beautiful darkness didn't have an inner corner and brow bone highlight, the shade Enchanted could work perfectly for that reason!
I think the whole bottom row would also be perfect for summer too!

These shimmers are a lot more smoother than in the Beautiful Darkness palette too!

So do I think these palettes are worth it? Yes, you will get use out of these specific products that I chose after Halloween, but are also so nice to dress up with!

Let me know if you picked up any, and how you created looks with them!

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