26 October 2018

Charlotte's Magic Away Concealer & Genius Magic Powder Review!

Charlotte Tilbury has released some new complexion products. YAY. As a huge fan of her Retoucher concealer, I didn't know how she would top that one, and same with her Genius Magic Powder. I'm a HUGE fan of her Air Brush Flawless Filter pressed powder, and that's all I thought I needed! But here's my opinion on both the products!

P.s. both these items were gifted to me (thank you!), however all views are of course my own!

Magic Away Concealer

Let's start with the Magic Away concealer, pls.

The shade range - there are 16 shades in the range, which range from very light to very dark - so overall a really well balanced shade range. I've been using shade 6!

Magic Away concealer claims to reduce the appearance of blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation and fine lines - all that and also claims to be full coverage that lasts up to 15 hours. I can happily say the concealer does all that. It is SO long lasting, and does not budge the WHOLE day, whilst also not feeling like a full coverage concealer!

One thing I absolutely LOVE about this concealer, is that my mascara does not transfer onto it, I have a lot problems with this with other concealers, so I'm so happy I have finally found one that really doesn't allow mascara transfer.

I notice that most of our under eyes are obviously really dehydrated and dry, and this concealer just hydrates the under eye, whilst also brightening that area. It's just a really lovely formula, and although it's full coverage, it still looks like skin. You also don't need a lot to get full coverage, I normally use 2 swipes. I also love the application tip, as it disperses concealer evenly all over the under eye. This is definitely my new go to concealer!

So what if you have the retoucher concealer? Do you need this? I find the retoucher concealer is better to conceal spots and pigmentation scarring - the tip of the retoucher concealer is perfect for that! But the new Magic Away concealer is AMAZING for your under eye.

What makes it magic?
The Magic Away concealer contains:
- Persian silk tree bark extract - this improves the appearance of dark circles!
- Palmitoyl Glycine - this reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps the skin retain water.
- Extract of wild indigo - this is used in Ayurvedic tradition to enhance skin's brightness and luminosity!

You can purchase it here for £24. Super affordable for a great concealer. 

Genius Magic Powder

Loose powders do not excite me. I've used the same loose powder for about a year now, and can NEVER tell the difference between it. I also have baking issues, and hardly ever even set my under eyes with a powder, because it can start looking cakey as my under eyes are genuinely quite dry.

So when I got this, I was thinking it would have to be a lot different to a normal loose powder to blow me away, and yep.. it is.

First off, this is the perfect combination for the Magic Away concealer! It does not dry the under eye and look caked AT ALL, and actually is the only powder I've used to significantly brighten my under eye. For all over the face, it leaves your skin with a blurring effect, and also holds your make up in place ALL day.

It comes in 3 shades, which is great because most loose powders only come in one shade, so it's great for different skin tones! I've been using shade 2 - medium!

I think the reason this powder is so good, is because Charlotte has cleverly stayed away from Talc in this product! It's made of 99% natural raw ingredient.

Another ingredient in the Genius Magic Powder is the Silky Mica - which gives a brightening effect, and you really do see that as soon as you've applied it!

Spherical silica gives that blurring effect I just spoke about, but also reduces shine from natural oils!

It also contains:
- Tsubaki Oil - which is a traditional Japanese oil that softens skin.
- Squalane - which is a natural Olive Oil that contributes to the skin's protective barrier.
- Veggie Powder - which is used instead of Talc!

I've never found a powder that doesn't make me feel dry, and although this powder would be great for all skin types, it would be especially useful for dry skin, as it definitely doesn't dry you further.

Not to forget the tub it comes in, it has a really unique opening, to dispense powder as evenly as you need it to!

You can buy this here for £33!

Both products were a real hit to me, and were really different to anything on the market at the moment, especially the powder! Let me know if you have tried them, and how you get on! <3

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