For over a month now, I've been using the Eyeko Define it Brow Pencil every. single. day.

These were gifted to me by the team at Eyeko, and I loved them so much I had to give them a special mention on my blog! 

I believe that they're a new formula and retail at £18 per pencil. 
Here are the links for each shade: 
Medium (aff link) 

I thought that I should go straight in with the dark shade, but decided to give the medium shade a go! And actually, I have decided that I really like the medium shade for an everyday look, whilst I like the medium shade when I want a heavier brow!

This is an iamge of me wearing the medium shade! 

& this is an image of me wearing the dark shade!

Overall, I'm really happy with this brow pencil! I really like the shape of the pencil, as well as the spoolie on one end! There's a lot of product in the pencil, so I don't see myself getting through this product any time soon (which is great!) I highly recommend if you're looking for another brow pencil!

30 October 2019

Eyeko Define It Brows!

As much as I absolutely love Anastasia Beverly Hills 14 pan palettes, how amazing is it to see something so wildly different from the brand? I'm absolutely here for the change! 

The lovely team at Purple PR gifted me this volume 2 collection, and I've been wanting to review it since my wedding. Now my wedding and honeymoon are over I can finally spare some time to post this!

The Norvina Volume 2 Pro Pigment palette is £68 and contains 25 shades. It is described as a 'professional grade artistry palette' and I've linked it here!

I can totally understand that this palette is not for everyone. Norvina has gone above and beyond for years to create something suitable for EVERYONE. The 14 pan palettes come in a variety of shades that are perfect for more everyday looks, with hints of colour and different shades for a lot of people.

These Norvina pro palettes are mostly suited to those who are looking for an artistry palette, or are looking to add a little bit more colour into their looks. That being said, I do think this palette isn't only for the pros and can be used by people who just want to experiment with a little bit more colour!

The price is pretty up there when it comes to shadow palettes, BUT, each shade works out to be around £2.72 which is pretty average... AND the pan sizes are bigger than the usual pan!

The layout of this palette really does simplify things, and I absolutely love how they have A throught to E rows, and then have different numbers for the columns!

Now for the swatches!

These are A+B rows. Honestly, blues are so hard to swatch usually. There's something in their pigment which make them super super patchy, and they don't blend very well. These blues (and for all the rows) were flawless. I kept swatching, waiting for one blue to turn out patchy, but absolutely 0 faults in the blues (and greens) in this palette!

C+D rows. I think this image perfectly portrays how pigmented these shades actually are, eeek. That orange is BEAUT (hallooooweeen vibes). The only shade that didn't swatch too well on my skin colour is the yellow! The rest were all one swipe!

The last E row. All these shades go so beautiful together, I can't wait to create a look!

I created an amazing look with the Shade E2, which is such a unique shade! It's like a muddy silver, with pink reflects!

Overall, this palette is giving me real mermaid vibes! If you love a palette as a collectors item (like me haha) then I feel like the Vol 1, 2 & 3 palettes are amazing. I'm a real shimmer girl, and one thing I would ask for in this palette is just a tad more shimmer! Saying that, I feel like with this palette, I'll know where to look when I need a blue or green shade EASILY. It's safe to say that this palette is pretty unique in my (huge) collection & I have nothing like it, always a positive!!

Let me know if you have any other questions loves!

24 October 2019

ABH Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 2

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