Hi! So I broke my 26 day no buy to try out the new Huda Beauty Melted Shadows!
I did a first impressions in the form of a YouTube Video here, so come say hi!

I picked up two shades! I've linked them here! They're £22 each!

The gold one is named Bamboo Basket/Faux Fur & the pink one is Silk Bomber/Bubblegum!

Here are them swatched. The matte on the pink shade was actually SO mind blowing, reminded me of a really pigmented liquid lipstick!

I was really impressed with how the mattes blended out! They're a really interesting formula to try, but surprisingly easier than I anticipated. You can blend and build as much as you like, without it going wrong! The Matte cream shade is perfect as a base shade, so I can see myself using this before many make up looks, as a staple from now on! The pink/purple matte was SUPER pigmented.

The metallics - WOW. The gold shade was definitely my fave. It looks SUPER nice and is perfect for a glam look!
The pink is so nice, but even nicer when placed over the matte purple shade! I showed that in my video!

Overall, I'd highly recommend this shade for beginners as well as people who love to experiment with eye looks! They're easier than I thought they'd be, and I'm SO excited to buy more shades now!

Let me know if you would try these!

26 December 2018

Huda Beauty Melted Shadow Review & Swatches!

Who loves a good beauty fave? Me! I thought I'd compile the 'best' make up I've used this year! 

I decided to do this depending on different categories of the face! 


Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer
This stuff is SO good for an overall glowy base. If you're having a dry day, or just want an extra glow, I highly recommend this!

Hourglass Veil Primer
This stuff smoothes like NO other. I've never felt a formula like this before! I'd definitely recommend to pick this up in the travel size first, to see if you like it, just like I did! The travel size lasted me well over 6 months! (The one pictured here was a sample I got with the purchase of the foundation, win!)


Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner in Hawkind - I have been wearing this SO much. I can't stop wearing it! It really is everlasting, and I'm SO into Brown shades - this was perfect!

Glossier Lip Gloss - this really stood out to me this year, as it gives such a JUICY high shine look. I've been wearing it more than any other gloss I've ever had!

The state of this blusher. LOL. The only blusher I've used all year - and it's MAC in the shade Blushbaby!


The only two concealers I've used all year! I'm going to link them here, along with the blog posts I wrote about them :)
Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer- Blog post here
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away - Blog post here

Maybelline Tattoo Brow - This is so unique to the drugstore. It's a longlasting tint which can last about 2-3 days! I was so surprised with the results for this, and I love how this lasts for a few days!

Again, the ONLY mascara I've been using is the Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara, this stuff is sooo good!


My fave highlighters this year HAVE to be the ColourPop Supershock highlighter palettes - I really like the combos in this palette.

This Laura Mercier highlighter palette was in their holiday collection for 2017, but I purchased it at the end of last year. This palette is SO good to try out the Laura Mercier highlights, as it comes with 2 classic shades, and is always on sale after the holiday season. I've linked the new Holiday palette, which has similar shades (and is the same formula).

This palette is my fave for the Warrior shade and has replaced my ABH contour palette for contour. It's such a perfect cool toned shade! It's the Revolution Beauty Highlight to the Moon palette - so so so affordable!


I have two Fenty Beauty shades, 290 & 280 as I'm between shades, but this foundation is perfect for a full coverage look!!

The Hourglass Vanish foundaation stick is my HOLY GRAIL day time foundation. You can glam it up too, but it's such a lovely natural look!

These two powders are the only two I've used all year! The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder which is great to keep in your bag and use to top up throughout the day!
The Hourglass Soft Blurring Powder in the shade golden hour is perfect for my skin tone. It doesn't change the colour of the foundation, but doesn't create any kind of flash back at ALL.


So there's absolutely no need for me to go through eyeshadow palettes as I ranked my fave in 2018 here!

But these Colourpop Jelly Much shadows are the best formula of 2018, in my opinion. I have so many shades of them and I speak about them in more detail in my video! :)

Let me know what you've been loving in 2018!

Best Make Up Of 2018!

The lovely team over at allbeauty have sent over their AMAZING perfumes to try! I review them here, so if you're looking for a new scent, you may want to read this!

So I've been trying out 8 scents, and one thing that really caught my eye is how different the packaging is for all the scents instead of them all having the same type of vibe! 

About The Brand

Molinard was founded in 1849 in France. It's now been around for 5 generations. At the time, even Queen Victoria was attracted to the fragrances! In 1932, Molinard won awards for the most beautiful bottle in the world, at the New York World's Fair! Their most attractive fragrance, Habanita was produced in the 1920's, and it's still the same beautiful notes as it was then. Allbeauty are the exclusive retailers of Molinard in the UK! 

Let's get into my reviews of the perfumes! 

This is the scent for this time of the year for me! I am really into ginger at the moment, and this is perfect as it has notes of spicy ginger.
The packaging is also so cute and romantic! 

Olfactive family: Hesperidia, Musky, Spicy

Top notes: Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Verbena.
Middle notes: Petit grain, Ginger, Nutmeg, Jasmine.
Base notes: Woody, Vetiver, Amber.

Molinard Vanille Fruitée

This is PERFECT for a more younger clientele! The sweet notes in this make it a great gift for a first high end fragrance! I'm in love with the purple packaging.

Olfactive family: Oriental, Fruity

Top notes: Bergamot, Carnation.
Middle notes: Orchid, Vanilla, Heliotrope, Raspberry, Solar Notes.
Base notes: Vanilla Pod, Candy Sugar, White Musk, Benzoin.

Secret Sucré de Molinard

If you love a rich sent, you'll love this honey infested perfume. It's a really nice sweet scent, but not too overpowering at ALL. The packaging on this one is bulkier than others, but I really like that in a perfume, shows it's good quality! 

Olfactive family: Amber, Gourmand

Top notes: Nougat, Powdery Notes.
Middle notes: Egyptian Jasmine, Kashmiri Wood, Indian Sandalwood.
Base notes: Toffee, Praline, Madagascar Vanilla, Amber, Siamese Benzoin, South American Tonka Bean


This is a VERY woody fragrance. If you love a woody scent, this is probably your go to eau de toilette. This is so travel friendly, for the very simple yet nice packaging it comes in! 

Olfactive family: Aromatic, Woody.

Top notes: Lemon, Mandarin, Green Apple, Pineapple.
Middle notes: Lavender, Geranium, Jasmine, Sandalwood.
Base notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Amber wood, Musk.

Chypre Charnel

I'm in LOVE with the packaging on this one! This scent has the perfect combination of floral and fruity, yet is not so overpowering! It's a very natural scent!

Olfactive family: Chypre, Floral

Top notes: Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Peach.
Middle notes: Jasmine, White Flowers, Bulgarian Rose, Iris.
Base notes: Patchouli, Ambroxan, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Musk, Vanilla, benzoin.

Fleur de Chocolat

Here's a scent for all you chocolate lovers out there! This is another great perfume for a younger market, it's got a lovely refreshing smell to it! A great travel friendly perfume with the packaging again!

Olfactive family: Gourmand

Top notes: Blackcurrant, Green Apple, Mandarin, Milk Chocolate.
Middle notes: Dark Chocolate, Fleur de Vanille.
Base notes: White Musk, Praline, Sandalwood.


One of the most beautiful packaging to ever exist on a perfume, ever. Another one with some chocolate notes, it's a perfect blend of sweet and citrus notes! This is probably my fave packaging out of all the Molinard perfumes I've tried!

Olfactive family: Gourmand, Floriental, Chypré

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Magnolia, Nectar of Peach.
Middle notes: Exotic Fruits, Orchid, Rose, Violet Petals.
Base notes: Sandal, Patchouli, Praline, Chocolate, Vanilla.


And finally, a classic. This is a GREAT combination of woody, oriental and floral notes to create a unique scent on EVERY woman. I loved the scent, as it was super unique and unlike anything I had smelt before! If you're going to try one, I think it HAS to be this one!

Olfactive family: Floral, Woody, Powdered Oriental

Top notes: Geranium, Mastic, Petit Grain, Ylang-Ylang.
Middle notes: Vetiver, Cedar, Heliotrope, Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Mimosa, Ylang-Ylang, Nutmeg.
Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli Penang, Mysore Sandal, Oakmoss.

Overall, from my experience with Molinard fragrances, there's definitely a variety of notes and scents, that it would be hard NOT to find one you like! I'd definitely give this brand a go, especially if you're on the hunt for a new fragrance! 

18 December 2018

Molinard Fragrance Review!

So, I did this last year, and REALLY enjoyed it. I also really love seeing other people's top palettes, so feel free to leave me your top palettes/make up products!

For comparison, here's my blog post about my top 10 palettes of 2017! It's SO interesting to see where things have moved to! This isn't just with new releases from 2018, it has my ALL TIME FAVES for this year!

So I'm going to do the same kind of thing, short list some palettes, BUT.. last time I did a top 10 out of a short list of 20, although I had 40 something palettes. This year, I have around 75 palettes, so I'm shortlisting 20, then ranking them 20 in order, but I'm not gonna list them beforehand, as that contains MAJOR spoilers. I'll link where I can, as I go along, and also link if I've written a blog post about them previously.

Also, if you want to watch more in depth video of my top 10 eyeshadow palettes of 2018, I've made a YouTube video here! Please subscribe and comment if you can :)

If you want to know why some palettes didn't make the cut from last year, or even why I didn't choose one, drop me a message via Instagram, or here!

This was very hard! Let's begin.

20) Colourpop Zodiac Palette

2018 was the year of Colourpop for me! I mean, I haven't stopped talking about it. Don't be surprised if this isn't the only Colourpop palette you see in my top 20, pls. In general, Colourpop is one of my fave formula's, and also really inexpensive, which I'm a huge fan of.
As much as I love the theme for this palette, I'm also really in love with the shades. I wrote about this palette here.

I love how it's based on the 4 elements, earth, wind, fire & water, and how the shades truly represent that!

19) Tarte Love, Trust & Fairy Dust

This may have only got into my top 20 for the packaging..

Only kidding! Although the packaging plays a big part in why I love this palette (yeah I'm a loser I know), it does have a really good colour story! I don't enjoy the mattes as much as I enjoy the shimmers, but overall some really good colours!

18) Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose

This palette is £4, £4! I'm in love with the quality of that gold shadow you can see, but also really like the formula of this palette. It ranked a little low, simply because it's an exact dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam palette, which I wrote about here. You'll just have to wait and see if I that one made my top 20..

17) Urban Decay Born To Run

Something different from Urban Decay & I'm loving it! I'm so excited for the square pans, and so excited there's a variety of shades. I wrote about the Born to Run palette here!

16) I Heart Revolution Set n Sparkle in One True Love

This honestly did only make it for the packaging, LOL.

Nah, the shades inside are pretty nice too! Not the best formula, but for £10 it's such a good palette, AND SO SO PRETTY SPARKLY SHINY. I wrote about this one here!

15) Colourpop Good Sport

This palette was my whole Autumn! It's literally Autumn in a damn palette, and I'm here for it! I'm especially in love with the shade EBB, which I don't have in my collection anywhere!

14) Huda Beauty Desert Dusk

WOW, can you believe this palette ranked number 1 last year? Don't get me wrong, I'm still in LOVE with this palette, but it's a bit older now and doesn't get as much use as last year :( It's still in my top 20 out of like 75 palettes, so I still have love for it!!

I wrote about it here - woah it got so many views!

13) Morphe 35M

This would have ranked higher if there were more transition shades! But I LOVE THIS. It totally replaces my Jaclyn Hill palette & made me literally give away my 35o and other 35 palettes from Morphe! I have my eye on the James Charles too, Morphe are really stepping up the game!

My fave in this palette are the greens and purples! It annoys me I never got round to reviewing this palette! I might still write an in depth review about them!

12) Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette

When this initially released, I did not pick this up. I looked at it online and was like urgh when am I ever going to use these shades? I couldn't even think of a look in my head with this palette.

I found it for 30% off and just picked it up, and omg I was wrong. This palette IS SO DAMN UNIQUE. I CAN'T STOP THINKING OF LOOKS I WANT TO CREATE WITH IT! ABH did a really good job with this one, REALLY GOOD.

I wrote about it here, and I think the layout to this blog I wrote was pretty funny lol I'm funny.

11) Colourpop Give it To me Straight

Oooh one of my fave warm tone palettes ever to exist. This palette makes me so happy. I just can't. It's really messy but when you really are about to rank 20 eyeshadow palettes, you think I got time to clean them? lol.

10) Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes- Limited edition :( 

This palette basically replaces the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eyes palette from last year, which ranked number 5! When Charlotte comes out with these types of palettes, they're always limited edition, which is quite sad. But I can't explain how much I love them!! They're such a good buy, and I go into more detail about this palette here!

9) Violet Voss Holy Grail

This was number 2 last year, and still going strong at number 9. I have purchased SO many Violet Voss palettes since this once, but nothing compares to the colour story in this! The gold in this palette is my fave gold, ever. If you are going to get a Violet Voss palette, get this one!

8) Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita

This was number 3 last year, and another one that's still going strong. This is my fave quad, EVER. For the same reasons as last year, this palette was always on my eyes for any formal event I attended this year. You really really can't go wrong if you purchase this! The glitter is honestly just something else!

7) Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered 

This replaces the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette that ranked number 4 last year. I LOVED that formula from last year, but this one is just an upgrade. It's like when you buy an iPhone X but then the iPhone Xs comes out lol. I compared the two here.

6) Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions

So this palette actually beat the Rose Gold Remastered by one, just because I relate to the colour story in this palette SO well. The formula for a £25 palette is SO good, and for how small this palette is, I'm obsessed with how many looks you can create with it!

5) Colourpop Disney It's a Princess Thing

Look at the packaging on this one!! I wrote about it here.

When you think of a Disney Princess collab, I think they did the most PERFECT shades for just that. Along with the theme, the formula, and the shades, this is your most perfect palette. The shade names are also just as fab!

4) Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam

Yes, of course this made it into my top 20, top 5 in fact! The original in comparison to the Revolution dupe is just so much nicer! Like I say in my Youtube video, this is like Modern Renaissance's older sister. With similar shades, but more shimmers, this palette really does replace the MR in my eyes! I wrote about it here.

3) Colourpop Chasing Rainbows Palette

Racking my brains to figure out if I only like this this much because it's a new release or if I really just really like this palette, lol. It's a limited edition holiday palette by Colourpop, which I reviewed here.
I love how it's not your everyday rainbow palette, but is still SUPER colourful!!

Now the last two palettes were a struggle, I chose one over the other just because the first ones colours are a little bit more unique than number 2!

2) Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

I'm ALWAYS here for something different, and that's why I like Huda Beauty products SO much. These formula's are SO different, and so unique, I really like it. What really makes the palette for me is the Concealed shade, just because I think it was SUCH a good idea. Along side that, the formula with the pressed pearls are super reflective!

I wrote about it here.

1) Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina

The Norvina palette topped it simply for the unique shades! I reviewed it here!

You know how the good sport was my Autumn palette, this was my summer palette. I couldn't put it down. Anastasia Beverly Hills formula is one of my fave eyeshadow formula's, and along with the colour story of this one, it had to be my fave palette of the year!

Overall, 2018 was the glow up year. The year where my blog really took off after doing this for over 5 years, and where my picture qualities have increased in comparison to last year LOL.

15 December 2018

Top Eyeshadow Palettes of 2018!

Hi! I haven't done an outfit/fashion blog post since 2017. In fact, I'm going to link it here. When I first started this blog, most my engagement was on my fashion blogs, but then Instagram took over, and I link all my outfits via InstaStories (so follow me here!), but I really do miss making Lookbook style posts! If this was something you enjoyed, do let me know & I'll try make them once in a while!

This whole month is the month of reflection for me, so I've been sitting here thinking about what fashion trends I've been LOVING in 2018, that I want to take into 2019. I've compiled a few & where I use my own outfits, I'll link the item if it's still available (or something similar!).

So here's a few fashion trends I'll be taking into 2019!

1) Snake Print

I'm so not over looking like Taylor Swift's reputation. I first wasn't too keen on the trend, but as the months roll by, I'm getting more & more into the snake print trend. I'm looking for the perfect snake print culottes for summer, definitely!

2) Lilac Clothing

I've not even started on lilac clothing yet. Stole this from my friend Matt, who's probably the most fashionable person I know, so since I told him I'm into lilac, and he told me it's the colour for 2019, it IS the colour for 2019. lol. 

Jumper - Shein 

3) Statement Earrings

Same pic, diff pose. Let's not leave Pat Butcher in 2018 pls. I'm obsessed with how statement earrings can completely change your look and how there's SO many different styles out there lately.

4) Blazers

I love how blazers can just glam up a look real fast. I used to wear blazers SO much a few years ago, but stopped, and SO happy I've found them again!

5) Silky Shirts

In fact, I have about 3 more silky shirts I've purchased since this one. Another easy way to really glam a look up, forget regular shirts.. just go for the silky ones instead!

6) Chunky Knits

At least for the first few months of the year, I'll be living in big patterned chunky knits & I'm excited for it!

Jumper - Missguided
7) Chunky Trainers

And lastly, I don't see this trend going anywhere! Blame Balenciaga for the Triple S trainers, but there's so many affordable dupes out there now.
My faves are these from Topshop that have now been released in SO many different colours. For £39 I got so much wear out of them, and know they'll continue into 2019!

I hope that was an interesting read, and do let me know if I should do more outfit related posts! What fashion trend are you going to take into 2019? 

14 December 2018

Fashion Trends I'm Taking Into 2019!

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