- For the consistency of this experiment, every concealer in this series will be set with the ABH powder in the contour kit, AKA a somewhat decent powder. No baking or variation from powders will occur for a true review of the concealers.
- This post includes raw, unfiltered close up images of my face to show what the concealer looks like in its true form. Some were taken in a rush, so pls do not judge meh.
- I always used 1 to 2 shades lighter concealer compared to my foundation. I know some people don't, but that's my preference. Some shades were purchased online, so may be darker or lighter for my skin. I usually am pretty bad at colour matching lol.

This is the Colourpop No filter concealer in shade medium tan 35. Please refer to my Colourpop Haul.

Shade Range

There's 15 shades, and they have a good range of light to dark tones.

It's $6. So it doesn't really matter if you don't get along with it right? It's also very cheap if you need to repurchase.

Pretty easy application. It's a nice creamy consistency, and blends out really really well. I did think the colour matched my skin, but I like to use a lighter concealer under my eyes. So it isn't my fave shade.

It managed to stay on for the whole day, and cover my dark circles pretty well - however I do feel like it gets darker after a few hours - so oxidises? Which is interesting as I've never noticed that in a concealer before. 

I find pairing this with a light concealer, works really well! 

So overall, I would definitely repurchase but go one shade lighter. This colour I would use as a spot concealer, to cover up dark circles. For the price, you can't really go wrong!

31 January 2018

Concealer Diaries | Part 2: Colourpop No Filter Concealer

Let's be honest. I was really sceptical when I purchased this, because of the Subculture palette. I didn't buy that. I decided I didn't want to include myself into that type of drama.. and then I didn't buy this for the longest time just in case it was similar to the Subculture palette, until of course Beauty Bay had it on sale for £33 instead for £43.. so I HAD to purchase. If you want it at the discounted price then you can purchase it here, & you may want to hurry as I'm sure it'll sell out pretty fast.

Let's start with swatches:

From Left to Right: Lucid, Eden, Unity, Sphinx, Osiris, Sphere & Obsidian.

From Left to Right: Dimension, Parallel, Pyramid, Throne, Saturn, Eternal, Lure.

Reasons why I didn't initially buy were:
- I thought the colours were all over the place, and couldn't initially work out how I would combine these shadows to make my eyes look acceptable.
- Of course, the patchiness and fall out of the Subculture palette. I was really upset about the Subculture palette, simply because I love Modern Renaissance SO much. I've hit pan on nearly all the shades. P.s. I'm totally buying the Soft Glam palette, which looks like an upgraded version of MR. I didn't like it at first, but now I'm like yaaass.
- There's way too many bright colours in here for my liking. Sphere? What you doing? You should not be allowed to be applied onto the eyes. No.
- I dislike green eyeshadow.
- I thought Lure looked exactly like Buon Fresco in the MR palette, & I didn't really need it.
- A black shadow. I feel like adding a black to a small palette of 14 colours really bugs me. I have about 20 eyeshadow palettes with a black shade in it.. if I needed a black, I could open one of them. I realise, that that is a very unpopular opinion.

Reasons why I regret not initially buying:
- Uhhhh, this palette is so unique. In fact, the colour combinations are endless. The first combination I did was Lure with pyramid & I loved it. I realised that I don't have similar shades in different palettes, even the Gold's are very unique. Lucid is a super unique colour which I really feel like I could get a lot of use out of.
I love that I can create a really dark smokey look with this palette, and also a really light look.
- Yep, its not got anything wrong with it in terms of fall out. Everyone knows these days that the more pigmented the colours are, the more fall out there is. There's nothing wrong with fall out, and there's nothing wrong with this palette.
I'm actually finding the colours super pigmented, especially the matte colours. They are really lovely and blend out really well.
The shimmer shades are super buttery. I love that in a shimmer shadow. It makes me very happy.
There are really nice colours I can see as a transition shade -  Unity, Lure & even Sphere would look really nice in the crease.
- The bright colours aren't so offensive after all. Sphere is actually really nice. As you can see by the swatch, it isn't as bright as it looks, and I am really excited to incorporate this into an eye look. When I'm feeling brave one day..
- I can actually see myself wearing this green.. lol.
- Ok, so Lure is an upgraded version of Buon Fresco. Buon Fresco is one of my fave shades. This is slightly darker, and more pigmented and as I've hit pan on Buon Fresco, it's kinda like my replacement for that.

Go. Buy. This. Palette.

30 January 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette First Impressions!

Hi. I've accumulated a lot of concealers in the last few months, and wanted to start a new thing called 'Concealer Diaries'.

Over the last few weeks I've been testing concealers, to see what works well. I'll be doing one concealer at a time. This is mainly for my own personal reference, as I realised I look back at my make up and try to guess which concealer I had used, as some look better than others! I thought it would help you guys too if I document it, and unleash it to the internet.

Before I start:
- For the consistency of this experiment, every concealer in this series will be set with the ABH powder in the contour kit, AKA a somewhat decent powder. No baking or variation from powders will occur for a true review of the concealers.
- This post includes raw, unfiltered close up images of my face to show what the concealer looks like in its true form. Some were taken in a rush, so pls do not judge meh.
- I always used 1 to 2 shades lighter concealer compared to my foundation. I know some people don't, but that's my preference. Some shades were purchased online, so may be darker or lighter for my skin. I usually am pretty bad at colour matching lol.

So we're starting with Becca Ultimate Coverage Creme. This is the shade Tahini.

Shade range
So, they have 12 shade ranges. This is pretty good. They also look like they range from warm to neutral to cool shades, and have quite a good range for deeper skin tones.

This concealer is £24. It's definitely quite pricey for a concealer.

First Impressions
I purchased this online without ever seeing it in person! It's called creme. So I thought it would be a really really creamy concealer. Wrong. This is the hardest thing I've ever put on my face for a while. It reminded me of them really old school concealer from MAC in the circular pots lol. However, with one swatch you could tell this was really really really full coverage.

Ok, so application was tough. I first tried with a beauty blender. Which I use with all my concealers, and no it did not budge lol. I basically gave up, and resorted to a concealer brush. I found the best way to blend this in, was to not SMEAR at all. Literally dab, like with your beauty blender, but not with your beauty blender.. your concealer brush. LOL. Does this make sense? It took longer than usual to blend out (like maybe 3 minutes in total as opposed to my usual 1 minute), but the end result is really impressive.

This is it straight after application (yes my makeup workspace gets messy.. who's doesn't?). It took a lot of blending to get to this point. I think it's pretty light for me so if I repurchase, I would go one shade darker. But as you can see it's done a good job. It did crease right under my eye, but wasn't extremely bad. It was easy to blend it back in, but a few minutes later.. it did crease again. However, I still really like it!


This image is with flash, and about 2 hours after application! 

It's still pretty good coverage.

It lasted about 6-8 hours and still looked like this. It's pretty long wearing.

Another image of it. Pretty good.

Firstly, this is notttt a beginner product. You've got to be pretty good & patient at blending this product out. But I can see this being a stable product for MUA's and people that are make up collectors - like me.
This concealer, in my opinion, would work better for spot concealing. As it is amazingly full coverage, I am going to repurchase this in the same shade as my foundation for my hyperpigmented patches! This does not mean it's not great for the under eye - it is! But it just requires more work. :)
Another thing that may help the creasing is the powder. As stated, I did not set it with a really really fab powder. My Becca soft lighting blur powder in Golden Hour or Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in Medium would set this concealer amazingly, and it would not move.
Overall, it's a reallly good concealer, it's worth the £24 as you only need a tiny tiny bit for full coverage, so it would last you ages! It just needs a bit of work.

Please let me know if there is any other concealers you'd like me to try! Check out Mehshake Buys for upcoming concealers I'll review. :)

16 January 2018

Concealer Diaries | Part 1: Becca Ultimate Coverage Creme

Colourpop just looks so magical. So obviously, I went ahead and ordered some. Now that I've been playing around with my purchases, I wanted to let you guys know whether ordering Colourpop from LA, was worth it.

I'll start with what I got.

 Everyone has probably seen these. There are the supershock shadows, which I was really interested in trying. They're eyeshadows, that I actually thought were cream shadows? They're not lols. They're dry but have a really interesting feel to them. I got the nuts & berries trio, which was $15 (they're currently at $10 on the site).

The nuts & berries trio include 2 glitters and one 'satin' (very much matte) colour; here from right to left the are called Cheap date, Amaze & Paradox.

I really really like these. The glitters are sooooo glittery, and look really nice on the eye. I wasn't wow'ed by the satin shade, but I still like it. You could easily just use one of these shadows alone, with nothing else, and it could look really glam. They are great for beginners & day make up.

I wish I picked up more of these. :(

This is the super shock highlighter in the colour Over The Moon.. for $8. Soooooo cheap.

It's really hard to photograph (as you can tell by poor quality picture and presence of hand) but it has pink & blue glitter, which as you would know if you read my favourite highlighter post, this is something that I am obsessed with. It's not the same as the Topshop highlighter, but it's very similar to the look I'm going for. It's amazing.

This shade isn't for everyone, but it's most definitely for me. However, they have so many shades, so I would definitely recommend this highlighter for the price. It's such a lovely formula, and stays on really well.

Again, wish I picked up more shades.

I also purchased two ultra matte lip colours in Love Bug, and Fragile Things. I already had some colourpop matte lipsticks (thanks Aya), so I knew I would like these.

Love Bug looks really orange here, but it's basically a brown with orange undertones, and Fragile things is literally the nicest purple I have used this Winter.

I can't believe these lipsticks are $6.50. They're such good value for money.

Ok so at the time I got these palettes, Colourpop had an offer where all palettes were HALF PRICE. HALF PRICE. For an affordable brand, they reeeealllyy don't need offers, but they do them anyway.

The palette on the right is the All I see is Magic, which was a Holiday palette, and I got it for $14. Yes, $14. That's like my lunch money on a daily basis. It's so good. The colours are very unique, and unlike anything I own and they are also really good quality.

Golden states of mind palette was $13. It's still on the site for $26! It's an all shimmer palette and I absolutely love it. I wanted something to compliment my all matte palette by The Balm, which is slowly going to waste, so I really like having an all shimmer palette. There are some glitters in here that are really unique, and it's very very versatile when used alongside some basic mattes we all have.

Photo taken from ColourPop site
& in true Mehshake fashion, I obviously forgot something. I purchased this No Filter Concealer for $6. In medium tan 35. I was sooooo scared to order a concealer because you always know how that goes in terms of shade matching.

Yep, it's too dark! But I can mix it with another concealer that is lighter (as I normally use multiple concealers at once) to make it work. I really like the formula. A lot of people say this is similar to Tarte Shape Tape. I would say it's not exactly the absolute same, but it is up there with Tarte Shape Tape!

Oh and did I mention it comes in like 15 shades and the packaging it comes in is so so cute.

Now let's talk about the process of Colourpop getting to the UK:

They have free shipping over $50. Which is greeeat. Because who wants to pay extra for postage and packaging when you know you're gonna get hit by a customs fee. I got hit hard. £18!!!!! It's normally like £6 so I was so annoyed. It really annoyed me as I was so happy I got so many items for such a good price, and then it all ended up getting really expensive :(

The delivery itself took about 3 weeks, that I had actually forgotten I had placed an order lol. But would I order again?


But here are my tips when ordering online from the Colourpop website :
- Research what you want completely. Watch YouTube videos, swatch videos, everything you can on every product, because everyone hates waiting so long for something, and then it being a total waste of time.
- Compile a list over a few months of things you want, and order everything at the same time. So for example, as I'm absolutely convinced that this brand is worth it, I'll purchase everything I want once every 6 months, to save on shipping and hopefully customs (although I'm not entirely sure how customs work).
- Wait for a good deal! I am absolutely amazed at how good Colourpop are with deals. If only Sephora, Beauty Bay, etc would do the same kind of thing. Wait for one that's worth it - like the 50% off ALL palettes. They always have a price reduction basically.
- Go to America. Jk. Well, if you know anyone who is going to America, order stuff to where they're staying & force them to bring it back. LOL. I am totally doing this.

I hope this helped. :) I had soooo many messages about my purchases when I uploaded a story, so let me know if you have any more questions. Oh also, Happy New Year! Let's hope 2018 is the year where Colourpop makes their brand more accessible in the UK.

11 January 2018

Colourpop to the UK!

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