12 November 2018

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Review + Swatches!

My love for Huda Beauty products was obviously not gonna stop be from getting this beauty. As soon as this was announced, I fell in love with the shades. It's such a soft, bridal-esque kind of palette, and I just knew I'd instantly love it.

I was firstly mostly intrigued by the formula. I always have loved her shadow formulas' and they were pretty unique anyway. But these were supposedly meant to be 'never before seen' formulas, so I of course wanted to know if these were better than previous.

The packaging of this palette is so beautiful. I mean look at it!

Here are the swatches of the palette, the first two rows and then the last row in the second picture.

Firstly, the mattes do not swatch well at ALL. They are so patchy, except for a few! However, when they are blended on the eye, they blend really beautifully and are not patchy at all. They're also very true to colour when blended out - which is something I look for, as I can name a few palettes where the shades look amazing in the pan, or in a swatch.. but when blended out, it doesn't stay the same colour!

My fave matte shades are Bare and Lace. Bare is the completely white matte and I've never been impressed with a base shade in a palette before! All my palettes that don't have base shades, I have been reaching for this palette just for that colour. It just gives a really clean matte look to start with!

Lace - I couldn't repeat this shade from my (huge) collection. It's really unique, and I really love that lilac shade at the moment!

Alongside 10 matte shades, there are some other formulas.

There are 4 reflective shades. These are the ones that look really different and have pearl flecks in them, to create a duo-chromatic finish! This has actually never been seen before & I'm obsessed with how creamy, pigmented and amazing these 4 shades are. What's better is when you apply them, you can mix two reflective shades together with your finger, and create an even further unique shade! They have such a great shine to them!

The One Pressed Pearl - the formula is REALLY lovely, buttery and smooth; it's comparable to the formula and finish of the shimmers in her mini obsession palettes. This isn't a bad thing though as that formula is amazing!

The two glitters are similar to the glitter in her Desert Dusk shade. I was a HUGE fan of the addition to the pressed glitter in that palette, and I'm so glad she added two to this palette. However, the shade excite is very similar to the glitter in the Desert Dusk palette 'Cosmo' & I wish we could have seen a different coloured glitter, like a nice light pink or gold!

The concealed base - don't get me started. This is GENIUS. Whenever I'm doing a cut crease, I get confused on what concealer I need/I end up forgetting to put concealer down. I'm obsessed with this idea.

When you're buying this palette - you're not buying a palette that you've seen 1000 times before, you're actually buying something so unique that's never been seen before. I can't remember the last time I saw something so refreshing and so different, and that's why I stan Huda so much (did I use that the correct way? lol). She's always on the hunt to create different products, I'm REALLY impressed.

Let me know if you've picked up this palette!

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