3 December 2018

I Heart Revolution Set n Sparkle Eyeshadow One True Love Palette Review!

Have you seen packaging cuter than this? This palette probably tops creative packaging for 2018, for sure & it's such an affordable price of £10. 

I bought two of the three palettes from the Set n Sparkle range:

There's also a purple palette called Fortune Seeker which I've linked here! I didn't pick that one up :( I've linked it here.

Here's the inside of the two palettes I picked up. 

I actually only have decided to keep the One True Love palette, and decided to put the Starry Eyed Palette in a giveaway (so keep an eye out for that on my instagram soon!), so I'll only be reviewing the One True Love palette! 

Let's start with swatches: 

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this palette. They swatched really nicely, especially the shimmers! 

The colour story on this palette is really lovely, although it looks like you can only create really pink looks from this palette, I can actually think of looooads of different combinations. 

For example, a purple look, a pink halo eye, a gold halo or a gold smokey eye! 

The bright pink in this palette does really blend beautifully, but is the only matte shade you can probably use in the crease, so you MAY need to dip into another palette for a transition shade! 

Overall, I really love this palette, and can't WAIT to pick up the purple themed palette. I've never been in love with packaging as much as I am with this one! 


  1. these are nic colors
    This is nice
    Thank for sharing

  2. Stunning design! I like the colors in the pink palette.



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