17 October 2017

Huda Beauty vs Fenty Beauty?

So I got myself both foundations. Did I need both of them? No. But which one would I choose if I could only have one (the more sensible choice)?

I'm going to go through my thoughts on both foundations, and swatches on both foundations, including other shades I have! I also have both primers so will tell you what I think of them briefly. I'm going to try catergorising this blog post in sections, so you can read what you want. If you have questions I haven't answered, ask me below, anonymously on the 'questions' section, or DM me on Instagram.

What I Purchased

 For the Huda Beauty (HB), I purchased the foundation in the shade Baklava 340G, the Blend & Buff Complexion brush & the Complexion Base primer. I received this sample pack, which I will swatch below.

For the Fenty Beauty (FB), I purchased the Pro Filter soft matte longwear foundation. I also purchased three other items (they aren't foundation related so are not posted) so I also got this sample pack.

Sample Packs

So I received a primer sample & 4 foundations for both of them. They both contained a generous amount.

These are the foundations in the sample packs for HB. I don't know why Macaroon has completely gone into my skin?

These are the 4 shades I received in the sample pack for the FB.

Both of them are pretty similar sample shades. Although, with the HB I feel like I can try Amaretti & Toffee to see if I'm a better match. With the FB samples, there's none I could wear.

Comparing my Foundations

The first difference, which is an important one to remember, is I actually went into store to purchase the FB (read that here), whilst I guessed my shade using HB's comparison guide.

The first thing I noticed when they're next to each other is that the HB is more brown, whilst the FB is more pink. Then I rubbed them..

& then I noticed that the HB is more my skin colour than the FB.. but that's probably not what you were here for & what 30 shades vs 40 shades can't fix.

Review on Wearing the Foundations All Day

I wore both foundations all day. This is the FB foundation. It's goooood! It lasted all day, although towards the end of the day it definitely didn't look as great as when I first applied it.

(This is a horrible picture) So this is the foundation with flash after about 10 hours of wear. As you can see you can see a few spots on the forehead, whereas at the beginning of the day, they were completely hidden.

Overall, the FB foundation is really good all day, but definitely isn't amazing. If you want to wear for 10+ hours, you'd definitely have to reapply.

FB doesn't oxidise a looot. It definitely changes colour when you first apply, but doesn't go a horrible orange colour.

Now the HB all day..

This is definitely more orange, however I think that's my fault for not going in before buying. The HB I wore for about 10 hours also, and honestly, the HB looked pretty much the same as when I put it on!

In terms of wearing them all day, the HB definitely lasted longer.

Both don't have flashback - especially if you choose the right colour!

Side by Side 

These are the colours together with no other make up at all! As you can  see I have a huge lump on the FB side, and it did a reasonable job at covering it.

This is the FB side, this foundation leaves your skin matte. There no shine to your skin at all. For half of my face, I had to use 1 and a half pumps to get this coverage.

FB claims it sets itself.. which it does.

This is the HB side, as you can see, it's more dewy compared to the FB. HB says herself that for oily skin i.e. I'd need to set this. For half of my face, I only had to use half a pump to get this amount of coverage, which is awesome.

My preference, even though I'm oily, is not a complete matte finish.. so in terms of finish, I definitely prefer the HB. But FB still does a really really good job at flawlessness.

Also, the FB definitely dried faster than HB.

HB oxidises more than FB but they both do oxidise. If you purchase the right shade that's not too dark, this isn't a problem. 

The Consistency

FB is ridiculously runny. This isn't a big deal, however, it means when you do pump it on your hand, it can run off your had, whilst Huda stays put and is thicker.

HB coverage is amazing. One pump for your whole face. However, this foundation will not give you light to medium coverage - it's definitely a FULL coverage foundation. If you like that, then this is for you.

FB is definitely a lot more buildable, you can use this as a light coverage, and build it up to full, which is a lot more versatile.

Amount in the Bottle

HB has 35ml whilst FB has 32ml. Considering I had to use half a pump for HB and 1.5 pumps for FB.. the HB is definitely going to last you longer.


FB is £26

HB is £32

Obviously in terms of price, FB is better.. but my previous point i.e. the HB will last longer, so I think the HB is better value for money.


FB is in a glass bottle, whilst HB is in a plastic bottle. This doesn't bother me at all. If I had to choose, I'd always choose plastic though. Glass can just break so easy, and it's much heavier.


So here's both primers. The HB is translucent, whilst the FB leaves a baby pink tint on the face. I didn't feel like that had any interference on the colour though. The HB is thicker than the FB. 
I absolutely love the HB complexion perfection pre make up base. It's like a moisturiser. I found that when I used my Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream with the HB primer, it's too much! So I may replace the Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream for this primer, as it's a lot cheaper.
HB primer definitely helps the foundation go on a lot better & last longer, compared to when not wearing it. It also smells really nice. Definitely consider purchasing!

I'm indifferent to the FB, I didn't purchase it and from the sample, I don't think I need to.

The Brush
The HB brush is really really nice. However, as I have other foundation brushes similar, it's nothing different that I don't think I can live without.
I didn't purchase the FB brush as I don't use brushes like the one she has to apply foundation lol.

HB or FB? 
What one would I choose? Huda. Definitely.

Final Thoughts

I'd like to point out that FB is more of an everyday foundation, whereas HB is definitely more evening wear.

Also, please, as both have a huge number of shades, go try the foundations before purchasing. I can make both foundation colours work, but in the HB I definitely think I could have got a better match! The FB, now I've worn it a few times, if I repurchase I'll buy a different shade!

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