18 October 2017

I'm Not Buying Makeup Until Next Year.

I've had a good make up month.. or months.. here's some stuff I purchased.

I'll write a bit about it if I've used it. Message me if you want an in depth review of any of these!

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I've wanted the CT Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask since she released it. It's so different. I tried it yesterday - firstly, when you put it on you look crazy.. and secondly, there's no smell and it really doesn't feel like it's doing anything!
I've never written anything bad about any Charlotte products, because anyone who knows me knows I love her.. but I really felt this didn't do anything. When you spend money on a skin care product, I feel like most people want to know something is going on.. but with this.. nothing happens lols.

I'm going to try this again, but I really don't think I'd repurchase.. I want a mask to tingle, and feel like it's doing something, but maybe I'm just a weirdo..

I've not used this yet, this is Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micropowder. I have been looking for a good powder forever (literally).. I recently purchased the By Terry translucent powder & hated it, and have used Make Up Forever Translucent powder and hated it.

I was torn between this or the Laura Mercier powder, but decided on this because the packaging is so pretty and I love CT. Let's pray it works. It's shade 2 (medium) and quite light.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Concealer & Highlighter in shade 3. I've used a few times.. it's nice, but not the best concealer I own. For a high end concealer, the Burberry Cashmere concealer is better than this. For drug store, the maybelline eraser eye concealer will always be favourite..

I also use CT retoucher in Shade 3 - I think the shade is dark & I'll next purchase a shade lighter.

Hourglass veil mineral primer in the travel size bottle just in case I didn't like it.. this is soooo good. I'll definitely repurchase.

Illamasqua beyond powder in Deity. Aya got me this, thanks boo.

I have the shade OMG which is a nice golden shade - however I didn't like the formula - it took a lot of swatches to get a good highlight but this deity is definitely a different formula. There's a huge amount in these palettes - but it is also quite expensive.

The reason I wanted Deity is because it has green/blue glitter, and if you've read previous posts, you know how much I like different coloured glitter in my highlighters lols (this still doesn't beat the Topshop one in case you were wondering).

Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme in Tahini. So I really wanted to experiment with concealers lately, this is just really stiff. It's not a proper soft cream. I've only used it once, so I need to find a better way at using it. Good coverage though.

Didn't realise I actually bought this many concealers, this is the NYX Sculpt & Highlight in Caramel/Vanilla.

The contour colour is really nice, and so is the concealer, and its quite affordable.

This is the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Bespoke. I have another shade, and I really really like the formula of this lipstick, as well as the lip liner.

They recently have added a lot more shades which is also great.

Lol, because I'm a sucker for deals, I purchased this nail polish to get the marshmallow lip scrub for free from Barry M. I probably shouldn't have..

Lime Crime lipsticks are also one of my favourites. I bought the shade Pumpkin, which is literally perfect for Autumn.. it's a really nice burnt orange.

I bought the Velve-tin mini trio in blue rose - it has the colours Beet It, Cindy & Vibe - they are so pretty!

Lastly, something I never thought I'd buy - Zoella bath stuff lol. I'm really into baths at the moment, and when I walked past her new range in SuperDrug, I couldn't help but notice how pretty her new range is.. it also smells lovely. 

This is the bath fizzer - it has blue glitter in it! I'm really excited to try this. I think it would go really well with a lush bath bomb - not alone.

This is the pink bath wafer - I used it with a lush bath bomb - it's very fragranced!

I also purchased Zoella Scooper Dooper Bubble Bath, which is somewhere.. that's also nice.

Byeeee :)

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