13 August 2019

Profusion First Impressions

 I've wanted to try Profusion Cosmetics for the LONGEST time! The lovely Profusion team gifted me a few palettes to try, and I thought I would share my thoughts about the Pink Nudes & Siennas palettes with you all!

Let's start with the Pink Nudes palette!

This palette is £7! It includes 1 highlighter, 2 blush shades & 9 eyeshadows! I was really shocked with how buttery and good these shades swatched!

The colour story in this palette was DEFINITELY me! I love soft pinky shades and although it looks like the shades are very similar in tones, I can create so many looks with this palette. 
The shade 'Serenity' was a really nice glittery formula that I was actually really shocked to see in such an affordable palette. It was super glittery and glided on so so nicely! 

All shades swatch so beautifully & if you're looking for some pink toned shades on the more affordable side, I would highly recommend this palette! I've linked the palette here!

I then tried the Siennas palette, which leans more on the colourful side, but still so so wearable! This palette contains 21 shadows for £11, BARGAIN. 

Again, a really lovely palette! 

The mattes in this palette did require a little bit more work than the mattes in the Pink Nudes palette, but they still were super buttery and give off good colour pay off! I've linked the Siennas here. 

If I'm honest, I sometimes subconsciously stay away from more affordable brands when it comes to eyeshadows because I feel as if they won't be as good as the more 'higher end' brands, but brands like Profusion continuously remind me that affordable palettes can be just as good, if not better than higher end palettes!

If you're also looking into getting into eyeshadows more/want to build a collection, I'd highly recommend having a browse on the Profusion website and picking up a few! 

Let me know if you have any other questions loves xx

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