5 March 2019

RW Perio Clinic!

I was invited down to the RW Perio clinic near Bond Street to try out the Polish & Perfect treatment!

The clinic is a private clinic, 7 minutes walk away from Bond Street! The address is:
RW Perio
Lister House
11-12 Wimpole Street

They do a range of treatments, so if Polish & Perfect isn't what you're after, have a look here for other treatments!

I was seen by Dr Reena Wadia, and what makes Reena different, is she's a gum specialist. I've never seen a gum specialist before, so she was so knowledgable and informative about my gums and general oral hygiene.

The appointment was split into three parts:
1) Assessment - Reena asked me about my previous dental health, along with what I do currently in terms of oral hygiene. I did explain I noticed my gums bleeding earlier today, which I never took notice of before!
2) Advice - Reena went through some great tips on how to better clean the gums and teeth. She diagnosed me with early gum disease, although pretty serious, it can be reversible. I'm so glad it was picked up now rather than later! She gave me some great tips on how to clean my teeth, in between my teeth, my toothbrush and even how to clean your tongue!
3) Airflow - The airflow is the polishing treatment that was used on my teeth. It's used to remove stains and polish your teeth. It was not uncomfortable at all, and my teeth instantly felt cleaner!

Overall, my experience at RW Perio was very pleasant, and SUPER useful, as she told me tips I've never been told before! If you're looking to improve your oral hygiene, and even have any specific concerns, this is your place!

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