6 January 2019

The Knot Churros - New Instagrammable Cafe?

So a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this new Instagram page called The Knot Churros! It hadn't opened yet but I was eagerly waiting for their opening, because the concept looked insaaane! 

You're greeted by a really cool looking FLOWER CEILING, and the cutest little backdrop ever!

It was my first time meeting the lady behind the concept -Anita, who was absolutely lovely and had all hands on deck!

We got a latte, and a hot chocolate, and both were delicious!

They do Churros, different coloured lattes, milkshakes and an abundance of candy floss! I don't really know many places that do churros in London (apart from the seasonal Winter Wonderland), so this is super cool! You can now get Churros all year round, yaay!

Look at all them sprinkles!
Overall, this place is definitely one to watch, and one to visit if you're in the area. It's conveniently placed very close to South Kensington station! Let them know I sent you xxx

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  1. Ok, I’m gonna try in English... In this time when is more important the picture than the reality, I would like to say that this cafe is only a pose because, first the hot chocolate is that we can say in Spain “un cola-cao” that’s mean: aaarrrrgggggghhhhhh and for the churros... omg... It is comparable to put chorizo in the paella: a crime. We visit this place three friends because we lived in the area and after my visit I’m wondering again why people are doing queues for this??? For a picture and for Instagram??? My money and time I prefer to invest in a real an authentic life. Cristina Vergara “Hot Chocolate and Churros de VERDAD Lover”


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