8 December 2018

Glossier First Impressions!

So I tried Glossier for the first time, YAY!

I also have started YouTube, but I'm too shy to admit it. I did a 'Glossier First Impressions' video, I'll link it here! Please do let me know if you liked this type of video & I would love if you could subscribe & comment!

So I picked up a lot of things during the Black Friday Glossier sale, I'll link them and talk about each item one at a time!

Milky Jelly Cleanser 

So I actually picked up the milky jelly cleanser in the Phase 1 set, which had the cleanser, the lip balm & the priming moisturiser in one, and you save £8!

It's meant to be the daily face wash to get rid of make up and oil. I wasn't blown away by this product, but that's probably because you have to use it for ages to see if there's anything great about it! It certainly did the job in terms of getting rid of make up! One thing I didn't like is that it doesn't foam up, I love a good foamy cleanser.
It wasn't bad, so I'll finish it, and can probably write an update on my instagram if I end up incorporating this into my skin care routine!

Priming Moisturizer

So I actually didn't review this on my YouTube LOL. This Priming Moisturiser is actually fab. I love that it's a moisturiser as well as a primer, so you can skip one step if you use this! It does everything it says, it hydrates, as well as primes to get ready for foundation! (p.s. I didn't pick up the skin tint, because I really only do wear full coverage foundation!) It did also keep my foundation on all day when I did use this, so it works really well with non Glossier products!

Balm Dotcom

This Balm Dotcom lip balm comes in 6 different shades; Original, Birthday, Rose, Cherry, Mint, Coconut! 

I picked up the birthday shade. It smells like vanilla, and it has glitter in it. I'm obsessed with it. It's SO pretty, I could wear this during the day, and I didn't expect it to be as shimmery as it is! It also comes out the tube quite thick, but it's not too thick when applied, and really does hydrate your lips!
Excited to next try the mint and the rose shade! 

Can I also mention, the packaging is beaut! 

I bought the shade Puff,  because I don't have a blusher in this shade! I don't generally tend to like cream blushers, I'm more of a dry blush kind of gal. I am absolutely OBSESSSSSED with this cloud paint. I want ALL the colours. In my YT video, I wasn't too sure about it, but after the video, and each time I've used it this week.. I've fallen in LOVE. It gives such a natural glow, and I love that you can build up in the places you need to build up.

If you're going to try anything from Glossier, I think this should be it!

Stretch Concealer

I bought the shade dark in the stretch concealer! I did not have high hopes for this concealer, whatsoever. Reason being is because Glossier are known for their very sheer coverage. 
I am unimpressed completely with the shade range, add another 20 shades and we good, Glossier. But 5 shades is noooot good. 
Anyway, this concealer is unlike anything I own, but I really like it. You can see how it goes on more in the video! In the video, I said it wasn't brightening, but when I looked back at the footage, it actually did cover my dark circles massively, whilst also doing a great job at brightening me. It gives a really natural finish, and I'm excited to use this on a day to day basis! 

Boy Brow

Boy Brow. A very good eyebrow filler. You can't really say much about brow gel, apart from if it's good or bad, right?! 

Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick 

I bought the shade, Like. Sheer Matte, I should have realised I would not like this. I have quite dark lips, so again, I need quite full coverage lipstick, but this doesn't even give a subtle tint, it basically looks like nothing on my lips. I think it would be really nice on fair lips, and would give a cute tint, but not on my lips. So ladies and gents, if you have quite darkly pigmented lips, give this one a miss! 

Clear Lip Gloss

Glossier went as far as saying that this lip gloss is the perfect lip gloss. I can vouch for that. WOW. I have never used a lip gloss that I love this much. It gives such a high shine, it's amazing. I think this will probably be the only lip gloss I'll use from now on!

So anyway, I think this post goes in hand with the video I made on YouTube, I'd absolutely LOVE feedback on if you liked the video, and if there was anything else you'd want me to add!! Thanks GUYSSS!

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