14 February 2014

My Maybelline Luck.

Hi! I was so excited to write this post, as it was the coolest thing, but as I planned my week one Sunday evening, I never realised that the week ahead of me would be the most heartbreaking and hectic week I had ever experienced. 
One very boring Sunday morning, I was really annoyed that I was pulled out of my bed to go to work. While rushing to Starbucks to overdose on caffeine, I was stopped by a lady in a Maybelline T-shirt who asked me if I wanted to try out the new 'Big Eyes' mascara. At first, I politely said no, and it didn't register in my head that she said you get £75 worth of beauty products after trying it. 
I walked away but another lady asked me, by this time, I finally understood that I will be receiving £75 worth of beauty products, if I let them take a picture of the new mascara on me, for advertising. So I did it! I love Maybelline products, so I could not believe my luck! 
I had to remove my eye make-up, and apply the mascara on one eye, comparing it to my other eye with no mascara on. And I was given a whole bag of products! 
Most of the products are things I would love to purchase, or was planning to purchase, so this was extremely exciting. 

I got: 
- Superstay Better skin foundation in the colour 'Nude'. This is the fifth darkest shade in the 8 colours they do. 
- 2 Baby Lips (yay, love them) in Peach Kiss, and Pink Punch. 
- 2 Big Eyes Eye Shadow set in Luminous Brown and Luminous Blue. I've just about got into wearing eyeshadow, and the colours are so pretty. I love how the middle of the colours has a primer for the lid. 
- 'Big eyes' Mascara. 
- Colour Sensational Vivids Lipstick in 902, Fushia Flash. 
- Colour Sensational Lipstick in 740, Coffee Crazy. This is a new shade in their nude collection. 
- Superstay 14hour Lipstick in 510, Nonstop Red. 
- 3 Colour Show Nail Polishes in Cool Touch, Rosy Rosettes and Orange Attack. 

I hadn't ever heard of the Superstay 14hour Lipstick before, and when I saw the packaging, I thought it was a lipgloss, so it was very surprising to see that it was a lipstick. It will be really interesting to see if this lipstick does last 14 hours! 

And finally, I decided to take a picture myself of what Maybelline took a picture of (except theirs was definitely more professional), and show the difference of one eye with the Big Eyes Mascara on, and one eye without: 

Yep! My eye does look bigger! In this picture I'm wearing the Superstay lipstick (which I didn't wear for 14 hours, and ate and drank a lot) and the Luminous Brown Eyeshadow set, Maybelline overdose! x 


  1. It's sounds so cool, love the lipsticks!
    Lovely blog btw :)

  2. Love your blog!!!

    Rina xx

  3. Your eyes do look bigger.
    From Talha.

  4. you're so beautiful!!! great lip color on your skin tone


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