12 February 2019

Flawless Beauty By Loreta Product Reviews!

I absolutely love trying smaller, independent brands. When Flawless Beauty by Loreta offered me to try their products, I could not refuse! I'm here to share my opinions on the products I've found through this brand! Although all the items I talk about in this post are gifted, all views are 100% my own!

About the Brand
Flawless Beauty by Loreta was established in 2013, and I believe started off with just lashes. On the site now, there's an array of products, from lashes to brows and even accessories like cleansers!

Here are the items that were gifted to me! The packaging is so pretty and really good quality!


I received four different lash styles, all very different from each other!
The most dramatic lashes being styles the MX041, DM009 and 502 lashes!
The more everyday style lashes are the style DX019 and these are my absolute FAVE as this is the sort of style I wear on a daily basis! I am OBSESSED with them, they're so lightweight and easy to wear! They're also super easy to apply, and come with a really good adhesive!


I've been trying the black and brown shades of the Flawless Eyeliner for about a week now - and I'm pretty impressed. The black eyeliner is a super reliable, long lasting eyeliner which creates a really nice wing!
But a surprise for me was how much I've been reaching for the brown eyeliner! I never thought I'd wear brown liner much, at least I've never really tried! I just realised that this brown liner gives a softer look than black liner does, which makes a HUGE difference if you're trying to create a 'softer glam look', for example Valentine's day!

Lash Serum

Tell me a brand you know of that wants to look after your natural lashes as well as providing false lashes? I know of none other than this brand!!
We all know that false lashes/eyelash extensions can leave your natural lashes quite sparse and thin. I remember, before wearing falsies, my lashes were a lot longer - when I started incorporating falsies into my looks, I'd notice more lashes falling out by the day!

This lash serum retails at £29.89. I've been using it for a week and it really does work. I feel like my lashes have got thicker, and also have not fallen out as much! I find the best way to apply this is my brushing it on your lashes, as well as on the base of your lashes!

Duo Brows

So the Duo Brows has a blonde end and a brown end - I've only (for obvious reasons) used the brown end, and I must say I've never used a brow product with this kind of sponge tip. When I first saw this, I didn't really know how to use it - but I was easily able to work it out! It gives a really natural yet defined look to your brows!

Let me know if you have any other questions about these products! I thought I'd give you all a small review about the products I've been trying! I hope that helped! <3


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