19 March 2018

ColourPop x My Little Pony Review.

When I first saw this palette, I didn't want it. I initially thought it was too bright for my boring eyeshadows and that I wouldn't get much use out of it in my day to day life. 

As my obsession with ColourPop grew, I decided to bite the bullet, and just purchase it! 

Here's some poor swatches. 

I was pretty amazed with the amount of day to day, non vibrant looks I could make out of this palette. Apart from the blue shades, this palette is pretty good for day to day looks. That being said, it can also be used to incorporate bright colours into an eye look. The palette is basically really versatile! 

I noticed that, the matte colours do swatch differently to what they look like in the pan. For example, Flutterbye appears brighter than it looks in the pan. In the pan it looks like a dark, dusty rose, but it comes up swatched and on the eye as a bright pink. 

The shimmers aren't as sparkly as I hoped they'd be (I love glitter)- however that can easily be fixed with one of ColourPop's supershock shadows. For example, on an eye look I did, I put the Supershock shadow 'Cherries Jubilee' on top of the eye shadow, to give it some extra sparkle. Here's a swatch of that (it's also from the My Little Pony collection!) 

This is so so nice for extra shimmer. 

The colour 'Applejack' reminds me of a dupe of Orange Soda from the Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam palette (or you can buy it as a single).. so I really liked this colour! 

I really like the colour 'Firefly' as it's just blue shimmer! It's a very unique shade.. as are nearly most of the colours in this palette. 

On top of everything I've already mentioned, I find this palette really unique. I've not seen these shades in a palette before, and I love finding new palettes instead of dupes of something I already own! 

Would I recommend this palette? Yes. Don't be afraid of the bright bright colours in here, as you can easily get a lot of wear out this palette. For $16, you can't really go wrong.. and the packaging is super cute too! 

I created this look with the palette, and some other My Little Pony purchases I got, so I thought I'd briefly review the other products too! 

I used FlutterBye and Applejack in the crease, Butterscotch underneath the brow bone, Starshine on the whole lid, and a little bit of Blossom on the centre of the lid.

I topped it off with Cherries Jubilee SuperShock Shadow all over the eye for some extra sparkle.

I also used here, the My Little Pony x Colourpop Ultra Matte lip in Moondancer, and Starflower highlighter: 

Ultra Matte Lip in Moondancer - This colour is intennnnsee. I really do like it - it's pretty dark, so I think it's really hard to use without lip liner, and it can feather slightly, but it is a really lovely colour that I don't own already! 

Starflower highlighter - So, when I first saw this I was like.. ummm this is really peach/orangey.. I'm not sure about it in terms of a highlighter.. but OMG, if you are a similar shade to me.. this is perfect. It really compliments olive/warm skin tones really well.. but I would stay away if you are pale as this can look pretty orange! I'm also obsessed with the packaging and the amount of product you get for $8. (I'm wearing it in both pictures) 

So overall, the Colourpop x My Little Pony collaboration.. is great! 

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