22 November 2017

Huda Beauty Mini Obsession Palette!


The last time I reviewed a Huda eyeshadow palette, you all loved it, so I thought I would review her smaller yet still so cute eyeshadow palettes!

I so far own the mauve obsession palette, and they all retail at £25! 

Compared to the desert dusk palette which is £56, this is pretty good! I thought I would compare the consistencies & tell you if they're worth it. I will also show some swatches, like I did for the desert dusk palette

Here's the palette. Despite its size, they actually do contain full size pans. This is really good for £25, and also makes this palette super travel friendly. It also comes with a decent size mirror, which is also great.

The swatches: 

& all together: 

My review: 

- Firstly, if you find the glitters in the other HB palettes difficult to work with, these are a lot easier. They're easier to use with fingers or a brush. They're creamy and they do feel like a premium glitter shadow. They still have the same colour pay off. They are super glittery! My preferred method is using a finger with the glitter though (I do this with most of my palettes). 
- The matte shades are very very similar to the other HB palettes. They are very pigmented, and are buildable. They're pretty easy to work with. 
- £25 divided by 9 is roughly £2.78. Per pan you are paying around £2.78, this is pretty good value for money, and for good quality shadows too!
- I prefer eyeshadows that are named. It helps me to remember what I actually used lols, this doesn't have that but I guess that's the compromise you have to make to have a travel sized palette!  
- I really like the way Huda categorised these into 4 different palettes, so people can choose which colours they prefer, and not have to buy a huge palette which is more expensive, with all the colours in it. 

Buy the other palettes here: 

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