13 November 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette Review.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love CT products. I received this as a present & was super excited to play around with it. :) 

This is Charlotte's first palette which isn't a quad. I wanted to go over if this is worth it, as some people have asked me whether this palette is good or not! 

So this palette comes in Charlotte's traditional brown packaging. It is narrower than I expected, but when you open it up, they have a good sized rectangular pan. 

The packaging is so pretty, it's like a gold bar, like most of Charlotte's products. 

It comes with a a transparent sheet on top with 1, 2, 3 on them. 
1 = prime
2 = enhance 
3 = smoke 

This is really really good for beginners. It'll tell you what to use where, so prime would go all over the lid, enhance will go in the middle of the lid/in the crease & smoke will go on the outer corner. 

What I really like about this palette is that it's an everyday type of palette. You can see that from the way Charlotte categorises from day eye to disco eye. But what I mean is, no colour is so outrageous that it can't be used. They're all subtle but not too subtle. The glitters are glittery, but not the type of glitter some palettes have where it's like woah. Basically, Charlotte's glitters are really different to other palettes. 

One thing I wasn't so sure on - I used the date eye - I felt like I needed a matte prime shade, rather than a glitter, but of course, you are not confined to just using the shades in the date eye. In fact, when you mix them all up, there's so many combinations. 

So the matte's are very identical to the mattes in the quads. They're not extremely pigmented when swatched, however I feel like they blend really well and are buildable so you can control the amount of pigment you want for your look. The glitters are not as glittery as in the Dolce Vita palette, but I imagine that was the point - to have a different type of glitter.

The glitters go on better with your finger rather than a brush, but I like to do that with most my glitters.

Price - yes this palette is expensive compared to others on the market. I honestly think that it's worth it as an everyday palette. If you were to get one palette, this would be it. There's so many combinations. I also feel like most the glitters can be used on their own, and your eyes would look fab.

I've already recommended this palette to people. I knew I'd like this palette, but not as much as I do!

Purchase this palette here.

Here's one of the looks I created - using the shades in 'date eye'.

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