15 September 2017

The Highlight You ALL ask me about!

3 purchases of this highlight, endless questions.. it's time I publicly answer this question.. Which highlighter are you wearing? 

Now, I have never ever been asked this question when I am not wearing this highlighter. I almost feel like I invented it.. as it's not widely known.. except for on me. 

I have been asked about this highlighter more than 30 times. And when I reveal the secret, people are almost in shock as it is so affordable. 

It's £12.50! 

Now the reason people ask me, is because it's such an unusual amazing highlight. Its base is gold, but instead of basic gold or silver glitter pigments, it consists of pink, purple and blue finely milled glitter pigments. It's not chunky where you can see the glitter, in fact it's the finest glitter I've ever used in a highlight. 

Now, in pictures, not many people ask me.. it's more in person as the camera doesn't do it justice.. like most things. I've been stopped on the tube, whilst I'm shopping, when at social events, and the funniest - I was once working in Kensington & this lovely lady wanted me to go with her to buy it! I didn't go.. but I wrote it down for her. 

I've gone through 2.5 pans of these, and it'll never get old. It's great to wear all year round, for daytime, and evening glam! It's £12.50! Unlike some crazy expensive highlights, it's super affordable and always in stock in the Topshop beauty sections.. for now. 

One thing, some people lighter, and some people darker than me, have purchased this. And I've had reviews back saying it doesn't look the same on them as me. It's probably going to match skin tones differently, but a way to overcome this, is to mix it with a highlighter that you know will suit you! SO use a gold highlight base, and apply this on top. It's also very very different to other highlights, so don't be afraid if you think it doesn't suit you, it probably does! 

I really like mixing this with other highlights too. One I know that really goes well with this is the Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminator stick. 

So for extra bling, mix! 

I've now attached some images of me from the past year wearing it! You can see the difference from a usual gold/silver highlight as instead of having gold/silver reflections.. it's more pink/purple. 

If you have this/purchase this.. do you like it? Let me know! 


  1. Hi! I have this highlight. I find it can pull a little too pink on me, especially if I do a warmer toned eye or blush look, especially as my foundation is so yellow I may as well be a Simpson. Looks amazing on you!

    It's a nice highlight if I've got nothing else going on colour-wise on my face though!



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