1 September 2017

Cheap Professional Skin Peel @ Home!

 This year, I spent a lot of time researching how to improve my skin texture. My acne from previous years has subsided a lot, and I decided to go for skin peels at a high street branch for pigmentation marks, and general brightness.

The results were really really good. My skin looked brighter instantly, smoother and pigmentation marks visibly cleared after 3 sessions. The price wasn't really good. I was also not really impressed with what they did. All they really did was clean my face with an alcohol wipe, slap a mixture on your face, let the mixture air dry for about 10 minutes, wash it off.. and put on some SPF. Maybe it was the place I chose, but I researched, and most places do this. I went for a Vitamin C skin peel as they advised. Each time, they increase the dosage. When I asked, they don't actually increase the dosage of the vitamin C, rather the AHA + BHA acid they use. If I had active spots on the day, they would also place some salicylic acid on the problem area. It stung a lot. But like I said, the results were really great.

However, I decided to actually see if there was a cheaper alternative to this method, and yes! There was. My friend Aya told me about this, explaining how inexpensive it was so I thought I'd give it a go.

It's called The Ordinary! It is amazing. I'll run through how I use it to give effective results, along with prices. 

So I stuck with roughly the same routine as the high street clinic I visited. 

First, I use the AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution, as the base. You put this all over your face with a brush, and the first time you use it you start with one layer. The following week, when you use it, you add another layer, so 2 layers, and can build it up to 4 layers, as your skin will be more tolerable to the formula. You literally only leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. It will sting a lot, but to neutralise the stinging, when you take it off, you must take it off with cold water. This product is £6.30. £6.30!! I have purchased another already. 

So while doing that, if I have any active spots, On the 2nd layer, I add salicylic acid just to the spot. The bottle doesn't instruct this. It says to keep it on in the PM, but I have found combining it with the AHA + BHA works really well. This product is.. £3.90. Woah. 

Now the advanced retinoid is something I use nightly. I use retinoids that are actually prescribed normally, so I find this really really weak. I guess it does do something, but for me, it's not as great as the other two. This one is £8. 

When I do this, I literally get the same results as I was at the high street clinic. I was advised the Vitamin C skin peel, but I realised the majority of the components was just AHA+BHA anyway, so this works great. My at home formula was definitely not as strong as the clinic, it takes longer to achieve the results, but it is so much easier than waiting for an appointment & spending a lot of money. :) 

The best thing is, last month, The Ordinary opened up a shop in the centre of Covent Garden, so now you can actually go in and get help with what you need. They've got foundations and primers that I am really excited to try, and I still can't get over how cheap this stuff is. They have a big range for a lot of different skin types, so make sure you find out what would work for your problem areas 

You can also buy from cult beauty & beauty bay. 

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