8 March 2017


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This is probably the most personal I will get on social media, and it's not even that deep. I have been meaning to write a blog post for ageeeees about this topic.. so here's an attempt.

Me, as a person, have always really been into women. I love women, not in that way, but if I meet a female, I will always want to know about them, where they got their shoes from, where their highlight is from, what they do in life, how their day is etc. I have made some amazing female friends in my life time which I absolutely adore & support. Never once, have I ever felt jealous of another female, but only inspired.

That being said, I always feel like there is a huge barrier between me and a new female acquaintance. I feel like it's a womanly instinct to review, judge & scope out before letting another female into their life. We don't even realise we're doing it anymore. We all have our reasons to do this though. Admittedly, this 'barrier' has also sometimes stopped me from letting me have a friendly relationship with another lady. It should not be like that, from both sides. We have to fully scope out another women, just to see if we can let them into our life. We don't trust one another. We judge their life, their partners, their life choices, their style.. everything. Why do we do this?

From a very young age, I have grown up with women, I have fell out with women, whether it's at work, at school, in my personal life or anywhere else. It could have been about the silliest thing, about nothing at all, or about something HUGE. Although, thank God, I have the most supportive, amazing people in my life, I have had a lot of women make me feel like absolute shit, just so they feel a bit better.. my whole life. I know, we have a lot to deal with in our lives, especially being female, but isn't that just another excuse to be there for one another? How are we meant to let the world appreciate us, if we can't appreciate one another?

I also believe that culture does not help with this. What makes it worse is females that can relate to you the MOST (i.e. a pakistani girl, who grew up the same way you did) will be the one to not support you the most. This really upsets me. In this day & age, we need to support each other as much as possible! There will be women that are better than you, there will be women that are worse off than you.. there will be women of different personalities, with different lives, of different shapes & of different shades of skin, but we are all very similar. We're women. We're all going through life, being women & doing what we do. Whilst I am at work, I do not wish to be battling another female's personal attitude towards me, I just want to work & make my money. Whilst I am out, I do not wish to be stared at & given a horrible look, just for being me. Whilst I am doing well in my life, or if I need help in my life, I wish for you to only support me. I wish this is how all my female's are towards one another.

I know this won't be seen by many, but for the few that have read this, I hope it makes you slightly think about the way you interact with another female. Let's all be happy & fun & supportive. #happyinternationalwomensday


  1. Yup every one matures with time. But what important is what you are in every time. And feel you are always supporting women .. only now the way of expressing has matured


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