1 November 2016

Asian Outfit.. (I'm sorry)

Hi! A vast amount of you have messaged to ask where this suit is from. I would like to start off by apologising! I'm sorry :( :(

I bought this suit over a year ago from a website called Iman Boutique. It comes with a net skirt that I didn't wear on this day and a dupatta. I recently contacted Iman Boutique to ask if this was still available to order for you guys, however unfortunately it's last season. BUT I advise you to check them out! They are great. You can choose between semi stitched & stitched in their suits, and they're always on trend and have great outfits.

I couldn't bear individually telling you guys this isn't available anymore, so thought I'd write it in a post.. but check them out!

Bye loves.

P.S. Happy November.

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