15 March 2016

Charlotte Tilbury buy's.


For a while, Charlotte Tilbury make up has become my new obsession. So here's small reviews of the  few items I own, which may help if CT is new to you. :) 

We'll start with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, AKA the best foundation I have ever used. Every time a friend asks me what foundation they should buy, I go on and on and write them a 20 page essay of how they need the magic foundation in their life. I use the shade medium 7. It's advertised as quite a heavy duty, high coverage foundation, however I find I don't need much coverage lately, and using a small amount of this makes my skin look amazing! 

When applying, this doesn't work by blending in circular motions, as it dries real quick, I find the best way is to literally dab it into your face (I hope you get what I mean!). 

I review my foundation on the amount of breakouts I get after use of a foundation - I've had no problems with breakouts so I'm in l o v e. 

I could write you guys a 20 page essay.. but I'll stop for now. 

I own The Retoucher in shade 4, medium. This covers the under eye SO well. I find it doesn't brighten, this may be because I purchased a dark shade, so I plan on purchasing shade 3 in hopes it brightens my under eye. I use a highlighting concealer on top of this, which works great, usually Maybelline age rewind in light. 

It claims to also treat imperfections, which I didn't realise until I read the website just now.. but I guess my under eye area looks good these days! 

Overall, this is a really lovely concealer! 

Full fat lashes mascara. Honestly, this doesn't do much for me. It's a good mascara, however there are definitely others I prefer to this. I normally use this as my 'first coat' for lashes, and use something slightly better on top. I feel really bad saying this, but I wouldn't repurchase.. sorry CT! 

From left to right: Birkin Brown, Walk of Shame, & Bond Girl 

Matte revolution lipsticks. So in love. I only own 3, but want all of them! I've had a look at the non matte-revolution lipsticks, although lovely shades, I'm a true matte fiend. 

Birkin brown -  amazing -  the perfect true brown. 

Walk of Shame - this is more of a pinky brown - it goes really well with my Soar lipliner by MAC. 

Bond Girl - the first item of CT I bought, that made me realise CT means business. It was such a beautiful colour, however I have to use this sparingly as every time I go past the counter, they were sold out. A lady once told me it was sold out worldwide! If your nearest CT has Bond Girl in stock.. BUY! 

Overall, the lipsticks last long, are non-drying, and are just the most amazing shades. 

Along with making my make up counter look pretty with CT packaging, CT products are really worth the money. I can't wait to broaden my tiny collection! 

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