17 September 2014

Handling Short Hair!

So, I recently cut my hair from this: 

 to this: 

and with this, comes great responsibility of changing hair products. So here's what I found works best with my new hair. 

I recently visited Bumble & Bumble in boots, where a few things were recommended to me, firstly, the surf spray, which is really great when I don't want to straighten my hair and want wavy/curly hair. It gives quite a lot of volume too. But the best for volume is the BB thickening dryspun finish hairspray! This is amazing! It gives my hair so much volume, without the annoying feeling of having too much hairspray in my hair (which I hate), it feels amazingly lightweight and the results are incredible. 

 The lady kindly gave me these samples too! The surf foam wash shampoo and conditioner was good, but I didn't find it to be worth splashing out on. However, the BB straight is really cool, it doesn't make your hair incredibly straight without a straightener, but I can tell there's a difference when I use it and without. It's also really good as a defrizzer too. I do use the BB defrizz too, on days when I don't use BB straight. And lastly, the BB texture is really good to get your short hair to stay in updos! Yay! 


  1. Your hair looks great, so sleek! The BB cream is something I might need to try, I always get frizz :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  2. Beautiful!



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  4. The short hair suits you very well! You're stunning!

    xx Emma, www.ouvrirlabouche.com

  5. Your hair looks stunning! I've always wanted to try out shorter hair but I'm too scared at the moment haha! Great blogpost though :') xx


  6. The cut looks awesome on you! I’ve been wanting to cut my hair too, but I’ve been a bit scared. I think after seeing you post though I might take the plunge & just snip it all off!


  7. Hey Babes

    COME BACK!! We need you <3

    Marvina xoxoxo


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